10 Arsenal FC Gifts for your Football Man Cave

Arsenal is one of England’s most famous clubs, despite the best efforts of Arsenal Fan TV, and will remain so in the years to come.

We’ve collected together some of the best Arsenal man cave gifts for you, family or friends.

Retro Arsenal 1991 Away Kit Coffee Mug 

Arsenal’s “bruised banana” Adidas away kit of the early 1990s is the thing of legends these days.

The garish black and yellow might have been pushing the limits at one point but nowadays it’s the height of retro Arsenal cool.

Whilst we don’t recommend men, above a certain age, trying to squeeze themselves into replica kits, we do love this retro Arsenal coffee mug.

Perfect for an Arsenal fans football man cave.

Arsenal Retro Mini Pennant 

For some men their man cave will be multi-purpose, for more than just sports or a tribute to one single team.

In those cases all that’s needed is a small reminder of that one true sporting love.

For Arsenal fans this retro mini pennant will be the perfect addition.

Arsenal FC Pyjama Bottoms 

You know those Sundays when there’s back-to-back football on TV, and an unwelcoming storm is brewing outside?

That’s what the football man cave is purpose built for.

So close the door, crank the heat and laze around in your pjs all day like the lazy, content, man cave dweller that you are!

Arsenal Embossed Leather Wallet 

We know you never actually want to leave your man cave, but we also know that it has to happen from time to time, for purely practical reasons…

Bring a little bit of your football man cave with you whilst keeping it classy…which can be harder than it looks for us football fans.

Arsene Wenger: The Biography 

Wenger’s swansong at the Emirates might have been less than stellar, despite a couple of FA Cup triumphs, but there’s no doubting his all conquering legacy over Arsenal Football Club.

When the Frenchman waltzed into London in 1996 few would have predicated his double winning teams, the Invincibles, and his revolutionary attacking football that bewitched football fans throughout the country.

Every Arsenal fan, and maybe even every football man cave, should have a copy of the great man’s biography handy as a testament to his impact on the beautiful game.

Arsenal FC Street Sign 

This Arsenal Emirates Stadium street sign is good for two reasons.

One, it’s a little reminder of your mecca when you don’t get the chance to go.

Two, it’s guaranteed to annoy your friends, unlucky enough to support other teams, when they come over for a big game.

Sounds like two very good reasons to us.

Funny Arsenal Supporter Mug 

This is one of those potential gifts were you have to be really confident that the person on the receiving end has the same sense of humour as you.

Arsenal fans, for the most part, are generally a fun-loving bunch but the last few years have been a test for them. From the demise of Arsene Wenger to the loss of players like Robin van Persie, Cesc Fabregas and Alexis Sanchez, there’s been plenty to cry about.

So, if you’re gifting this mug to someone…don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Arsenal FC Mini Bar Set 

Football and pints go hand in hand for many of us.

When you’re out on the town you have to take what you get but amongst the comfort of your own football man cave you can pick and choose your drinking equipment more carefully.

Maybe we take our man cave beer glasses too seriously?

Arsenal FC Retro Sign 

We know new usually means better but when it comes to football we can’t help being those rose-tinted, nostalgic fools.

Retro football gear will always have a place close to our heart and this Arsenal FC retro sign is the perfect addition to any Arsenal fan’s football man cave.

Arsenal FC Coasters

There’s one key reason to purchase a set of club branded coasters and one reason only.

Think you can guess it?

To annoy your friends when they come over for the big games. It’s that simple.

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