10 Great Man Cave Items for Under £20

Building a kick-ass man cave is one of life’s pleasures for the modern man but we know all too well it can be expensive as hell. So, while you’re saving up for the next big addition (check out our essentials guide for more on that…) we’ve got a few tasty treats that will leave you some pennies from a £20 note. Think of this as man caving on a budget and you’ve got a winner!

Man Cave Items Under £20


Whether you’re a Rebel or secret fan of the Dark Side this will be a nice little addition to your man cave. This Stormtrooper light alternates between a few nice colours, is battery operated, LED-lit and thankfully doesn’t heat up so there’s no danger of burning your hands when you drunkenly pick it up to show your mates.

It’s also light and handy enough to be used as a novel paperweight which might make it a cool addition to the serious office side of your man cave. Just a thought…

Vintage Hanging Wall Map

You’re a man of the world, right? You’ve conquered lands far and wide, probably?

Either way nothing says classic man cave like a vintage canvas world map and this beautiful version comes complete with wooden hanging batons and represents a massive step-up from the tatty old posters you hung in your student dorms.

Brewdog Mixed 12 Pack

You might have noticed the craft beer revolution over the last few years and if you’re anything like us, you’ve reveled in it.

There’s nothing wrong with a standard pint at the pub or even a crate of Carlsberg at home but sometimes you want something a little more complex and different. That’s where Scottish brewers Brewdog step in with this tasty twelve pack of red ales, IPAs, lagers and more.

There are hundreds of small batch brewers around the UK, and thousands worldwide, but you’ll not go too far wrong starting with Brewdog.

Humans of New York: Stories

When Brandon Stanton packed in a financial career, moved to New York City and began photographing passers by in the street he was an unknown. Fast forward to today and Humans of New York is one of the most popular Facebook pages in the world and a quick flick through this Humans of New York: Stories book will reveal why.

We’ve spent countless hours admiring the people, the pictures and the stories within. This really is the perfect addition to any man cave as it perfectly captures so many different facets of modern life as we know it. If you’re ever feeling down this book will be a beautiful reminder that life is full of surprises and if that isn’t a good man cave purchase we don’t know what is.

Tetris Clock

As men we generally like to hide our emotions but we’re almost all guaranteed to stick on the rose-tinted glasses and get all teary eyed when a classic arcade game theme song drifts in our ears.

That’s essentially why we love this Tetris alarm clock. Waking up every morning to that classic sound and watching the tetriminos falling into place as we roll over and accept we’re going to be late for work again. Bliss.

Vinyl Record Bookends

Whether you’re a music man or not it’s hard not to like these vinyl record bookends.

There’s something about a vinyl record that adds a nice vintage look to any room and a man cave is no different. If you’re an avid reader and haven’t culled your book collection for an e-book hard drive then this represents a nice little addition to your cave that will look good and keep things tidy. Not bad for some melted vinyl.

Steel Beer Cooler 

We like this drinks cooler for 3 very specific reasons.

One, it’s under £20 which is always a big plus in our eyes. Two, it holds ten beers which is just enough to make us blackout when a Super Sunday goes tits up and three, it looks like something straight out of a 1920s American bootlegger’s backyard.


Rolling Stones “Lips” Door Mat

We’ll admit not all men are clean freaks or even close to being cleanly but honestly a little goes a long way and depending on where your man cave is a door mat could be a necessary purchase.

We were tempted to go for something a little more classic like this Superman doormat but being big Stones fans meant there was only ever going to be one winner. Is there a more iconic music logo than those arrogant lips and defiant tongue?

We don’t think so.

Grand Theft Auto V

It’s crazy to think that GTAV was first released back in 2013 but a massive online community, new-gen re-releases and that ever present Rockstar humour means it looks and feels as fresh as ever today.

We’re putting this game on the list on the off chance that you’ve never bought it or don’t currently own it. If either of those situations is true get it changed right now!

Ps. We know there are plenty of other games out there but for a classic fix of fun can you really look past a quick hit of GTA?

Beer Bottle Opener 

If you’re a regular Man’s Room reader you’ll know we’re massive beer fans. We can’t help it, it’s sweet, sweet nectar from the Gods and that’s all we know.

With that in mind you don’t want to be stuck for a bottle opener when you’re ready to crack a cold one after a hard day/week/life (delete as applicable) which makes this beer bottle opener a man cave life saver.

Shaped like a classic beer bottle and branded “Anytime is beer time”, a motto we can well and truly get behind, this will be harder to lose than most bottle openers which is exactly we why like it so much!

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