10 Must Have Man Cave Essentials!

It’s pretty obvious that some things are just blatant man cave essentials. When you’ve got that glorious room all to yourself, be it a garage, attic, shed or spare room, you’ll quickly realise what you really need and what else is simply a man cave accessory.

However, if you’re still in the planning stage or you just want to double check then this short list should help. Happy hunting!

man cave essentials

Man Cave Essentials

One: Sofa

A comfortable sofa or recliner chair is an absolute must for a man cave. Seriously! Don’t even think about slacking in this department. We know the temptation is there to use your mum’s old living room throwaway. Don’t do it!

Invest in something that you’re going to want to place your lazy ass in every evening or weekend. Otherwise, what’s the point?

If you have the space we recommend going big and getting a sofa that’s equally comfortable for sitting and sleeping on like this Dylon Byron Corner piece. You never know, after a few too many beers you might want to just roll over and close your weary eyes.

On the lower end of the price scale we’d recommend the Intex Inflatable sofa bed or this crisp black futon.

Two: Television

The TV is a similarly crucial purchase when building your man cave into a proper hideaway.

Now we’re not saying you need the biggest screen going, but pick something that can please you whether you’re gaming alone or watching a match with the lads. You’ll want a model that can handle both, easily.

Also, know that everything is smart you could be tempted to pay for all the latest bells and whistles going. Don’t. If you think you’re going to buy a games console as well then maybe you don’t need a smart TV as the console will handle all your streaming needs.

Three: Sound System

The sound system can always come after a few other crucial pieces of equipment, but if you’re building a man cave for the long term you’re going to want a set of speakers that can simultaneously blow your head off or let you hear every nuance.

If you do decide to take the plunge, make sure to think the purchase through in relation to other items in your man cave. This means finding a set of speakers that work equally well with your TV set as well as your vinyl player or MP3 steaming device.

Who would’ve thought thinking things through goes a long way…

Four: Gaming Console

We get it, not everyone is a FIFA, Call of Duty or GTA V addict and some prefer PC gaming but for those of us out there with a serious console gaming itch this is another crucial piece of man cave kit!

We’re not going to dive into the fanboy war that exists between Xbox One and PS4 fans because in reality, there’s little difference between each where a man cave is concerned. Both allow you to play games and use streaming apps like BBC iPlayer (for UK users), Netflix, YouTube and Amazon Prime which is good enough for us.

Ok if you’re pushing us, we’ll plug for the PS4 simply because of The Last of Us series being available via the Sony console! Now we’ll go and wait patiently for the Microsoft lynching!

Five: Beer Fridge

At A Man’s Room we’re MASSIVE beer fans which is why we consider a fully stocked beer fridge a man cave essential.

We understand you might want to stock it with other drinks, foods and condiments and that’s is perfectly fine but for arguments sake let’s just call it a beer fridge.

Here you want something small and lightweight but big enough to handle the bulk of your man cave food and drink needs. After all, there’s no point in having a cave if you have to venture back into your family home every 5 minutes to grab a beer or a snack.

Think of it this way, what do you consume during a Sky Sports Super Sunday? Condense that into a fridge and you’ve probably got the perfect size for your man cave. Easy!

Six: Coffee Table

We understand space can be an issue so if you’re working with a tiny little hole of a room, you can move past this suggestion. We’ll probably forgive you…

For those of us lucky enough to boast a bigger man cave space a good coffee table starts to give the room that finished feel which is probably necessary if you’re trying to convince your partner that it’s an essential part of the house.

Go for something that’s in fitting with the rest of the room so if you’re going classic, pick a nice thick wooden coffee table. If you want modern and sleek think glass and metal.

Also, make sure it’s sturdy enough to handle that one mate who’s guaranteed to try to rest his feet on it.

Seven: Wall Art

You’re not a student anymore so walls shouldn’t be bare and blue-tacked posters of Che Guevara and Jimi Hendrix just won’t cut it.

That’s the bad news. The good news is there are hundreds of thousands of classy wall prints that can give a man cave that mature feel whilst also representing your biggest passions.

If you’re a football fan avoid badges and go for a classic moment recreated. If you’re a music man then the world is your oyster when it comes to badass prints and the same can be said for gaming, movie and literary culture references.

If all else fails go for a classic pop culture reference. It’s bound to impress someone at some stage.

Eight: Man Cave Assistant

The world is getting smarter every day and soon enough your watch, car, fridge and even the kettle will all be more switched on that you. In more ways than one!

As always with technology the key is to embrace it and the Amazon Echo Dot is probably the perfect way to do that. With this little bad boy connected to other smart devices in the room you’ll literally have a man cave assistant to call your own.

Keep an eye on this space as more and more devices are released and we move ever closer to the Internet of Things.

Nine: Lighting

Like we said earlier, your student days are gone and so are the days of relying on one solitary bulb hanging from the ceiling.

Now that you’re a mature and stylish adult you’ll want to add a few extra lights to your man cave as they’ll add warmth, light (obviously…) and that cosy feel your student digs never had.

Ten: Foliage

Adding greenery and plants to your man cave is the ultimate test of your maturity levels as you literally have to keep these things alive!

Despite the added pressure foliage, greenery or whatever else you want to call it can add a new dimension to a man cave as it turns the room into more than just a grungy den.

We’d recommend a maximum of three plants varying in size, colour and species.

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