11 Essential Man Cave Coffee Table Books

At A Man’s Room we’re huge advocates for a personal man cave library. E-readers, Kindles and iPads are great for reading on the go but there’s something satisfying about slowly filling a room with books, conquests and memories. Add to that the fact that a stack of books (falsely) gives the impression of intelligence and culture we think that represents a good man cave addition.

Man Cave Coffee Table Books

Coffee table books are simply an extension of this book love-in and they easily add a new level of style, character and depth to man caves whilst also, surprisingly, serving their purpose of being something genuinely interesting to flick through on a rainy Sunday or when your eyes grow tired of too many backlit screens…

As always, and as with everything we humbly suggest for your treasured hideaway, the best man cave coffee table books are those that represent you, your passions and your hobbies.

Every man, no matter if he’s a sports fanatic, retro gamer, craft beer drinker or whatever, needs a few man cave coffee table books to draw inspiration from or seek solitude in.

With that, we’ve picked out a few coffee table books that stand out for us and that might fit nicely in your man cave or work as a gift for that special dweller in your life…

Man Cave Coffee Table Books

One: Humans of New York: Stories 

Please tell us you’ve heard about HONY. Over the last half decade or so Brandon Stanton, a normal bang average American, quit his job, picked up a camera and started to capture the everyday people of New York City and document their thoughts, feelings, fears and joys.

During this period Stanton started a Facebook page to share his journey through the Big Apple and since then it has become a beloved record of the city that never sleeps.

Here over the course of 400 plus pages, in coffee table book form, you get to enjoy an insight into the minds of people from all sorts of creeds, classes, age groups and walks of life.

This list isn’t in any specific order but this book still had to take first place. There’s a reason for that.

Two: Planet Earth II

We think it’s safe to assume that almost everyone watched David Attenborough’s Planet Earth II when it was released in Autumn 2016 but if you haven’t, you’re in for a treat.

For those of us that have watched BBC’s latest masterpiece in nature broadcasting this man cave coffee table book gives us a lasting legacy from the show and a deeper insight into the natural world that exists around us today in the 21st century.

Perfect for almost everyone from animal lovers to those just curious by nature.

Three: Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Travel List 

Whether you’re a seasoned journeyman or simply an armchair traveller seeking and searching for more dream fodder Lonely Planet’s behemoth Ultimate Travel List coffee table book will prove a great man cave addition.

The book charts 500 destinations and attractions worth your time and attention and, as anyone who’s ever used Lonely Planet’s guides before can attest to, the level of detail is both impressive and incredibly useful for anyone who enjoys the research phase just as much as the travel!

Four: Fifty Cars That Changed the World 

Great design and great cars go hand in hand with one complimenting the other and vice versa. In Fifty Cars That Changed the World we see how the car has developed from it’s early 20th century beginnings to what we know and take for granted today.

It’s safe to say this man cave coffee table book is one for car enthusiasts, petrol heads and design fans with a more aesthetic eye than the rest of us mere mortals.

Five: Photos that Changed the World

For centuries the current generation has felt that they live in the most “interesting times” and even though that’s both true and false, when you flick through this book you release just how incredible, cruel, beautiful and crazy our world can be.

Photos that Changed the World charts major moments from Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream speech” right up to the arrival of President Obama and the Syrian refugee crisis.

We do live in interesting times and this coffee table book is a brilliant record of just that.

Six: The Wes Anderson Collection

We completely understand that not everyone is a Wes Anderson fan, or even heard of the film director, but those who are would agree that you’re missing out.

Hopefully this beautifully crafted coffee table book will change opinions and convert you to become a fully-fledged Andersonite! Where the Coens, another great modern film presence, lace their projects with black humour Anderson sprinkles everything with joy.

From Rushmore to The Royal Tenenbaums and everything else in between this book provides a wonderful insight into the life and current times of a great film maker.

Seven: Infographica

As a species (or whatever the correct term is…) men love statistics. This might seem like a broad generalisation but, as men, we feel like we have a certain license to make such a claim.

Take a look at the world of business or sport, amongst many other corners of life, and everything is dominated by stats, numbers and facts. We just can’t get enough of them and Simon and Martin Toseland, authors and designers of this wonderful coffee table book Infographica, understand that more than most.

You’ll find this hard to put down if it’s sitting in your man cave and as you flick through the beautifully designed pages you’ll see everything from the luckiest Euromillions numbers to the most expensive divorces in the world to countries with the most bearded felons (!) and more.

Eight: The New York Times: 36 Hours Europe 

36 Hours Europe is the perfect man cave coffee table book (and at 600+ pages it’s more like a tome!) for the perpetual traveller out there.

If you hail from the UK, Ireland or Continental Europe you’ll already know that the worlds second smallest continent packs so much rich culture, history and diversity into its confined shores. However, that doesn’t mean you’ve even scratched the surface of what Europe really has to offer!

More than 800 photos, 500 restaurants, 400 hotels and countless itineraries will make sure you know your Berlin nightclubs from your lazy Lisbon walks and so much more.

The only problem with this coffee table book is that you might spend less and less time in your man cave!

Nine: 1001 Beers: You Must Try Before You Die

It’s no secret that we’re massive beer fans here at A Man’s Room.

Beer truly is one of life’s simple pleasures as, for a couple of quid, you can relax with a fresh pint during a holiday stroll, try a deep dark stout during the winter months or a fresh IPA during the summer after a hard day at work and all of that’s just scratching the surface!

This coffee table book shouldn’t be seen as a daunting or never-ending. 1001 beers sounds like a lot but this book seeks to serve only as an inspiration and a guide to your constantly evolving beer journey.

Treat yourself to this book, crack open the pages every time you want to try something different, and then set about sourcing said beer. That sounds like simple pleasure to us.

Ten: Pitt Cue Co – The Cookbook 

If you’re a fan of food, and more importantly meat, then you’ll probably agree there are few greater pleasures out there than great barbecue food done properly. That’s precisely why The Pitt Cue Co Cookbook is on this list of essential coffee table books for the best man caves out there.

Here you’ll find barbecue recipes done right, favouring the “low and slow” method, recipes of rubs and spices, inspiration for sides of slaw and pickles and most importantly a few cocktails thrown in for good measure.

We’re salivating at the thought God damn it!

Eleven: Getting There 

Here at A Man’s Room we really truly believe every day is a learning day and an opportunity to get one-step closer to your goals. If you ever feel like you’re wavering or in need of inspiration then this is the perfect man cave coffee table book for you.

Gillian Zoe Segal has gathered the thoughts, lessons and stories from 30 different leaders in their respective fields and Getting There acts like a wonderful de-facto manual on the real journey towards success.

With Getting There you’ll learn of the struggles and triumphs of names as diverse as Warren Buffett, Matthew Weiner, Hanz Zimmer and more and, if it’s good enough for fan Brian O’Driscoll, then it’s good enough for us!

There you have it! Eleven of the finest man cave coffee table books currently on offer as hand selected by A Man’s Room.

Of course there are plenty more out there but we think our selection of eleven hits some of the major loves in most men’s lives. Within those books you’ve got some travel, beer, food, history and a lot more in between meaning you no-longer have to revert back to your smartphone every 30 seconds.

Now, go forth, pick a man cave coffee table to be proud of and impress nosy partners, family members and friends the next time they peak their head in the cave entrance…

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