12 Brilliant Man Cave Beer Glasses

What’s your poison?

We all have at least one and here at A Man’s Room we love our coffee and beer in equal measure but when it comes to having a beer in your man cave a quality pint glass is essential.

You could go basic (as listed in our man cave bar essentials) or you could go for something a little more specific…

We’ve picked out some man cave beer glasses that would look great no matter what man cave you’re building.

man cave beer glasses

Man Cave Beer Glasses

One: Pac Man Pint Glass

Every gamer can appreciate this pint glass. Pac Man is like one of the forefathers of gaming and arcade culture (let’s just ignore Pong) so if you’re building a gamer’s man cave then this might be the beer glass for you.

Two: Star Wars Boba Fett Pint Glass

There are countless Star Wars pint glasses out there that would make the perfect addition to any man cave but we decided to go for this one celebrating Boba Fett for one key reason. He’s a badass.

We doubt you’ll argue with us but if you ever do just remember, Boba is one of the deadliest bounty hunters in the Galaxy and he also has the coolest armor…

Three: Classic Guinness Toucan Pint Glass

There are few greater drinking pleasures than a pint of the black stuff. Guinness is famed throughout the world and even though their modern advertising has been top quality we still prefer the classic ads of days gone by.

Four: German Beer Steins

The Germans do a lot of things very well. Their trains run on time, they constantly produce the world’s best cars and they make some of the finest beers a drinker will ever find.

So it seems fitting that a proper man cave bar would include an homage to our friends in the Fatherland in the shape of these big, Bavarian style beer steins.

Five: Man Cave Tankard Pint Glass

Life can be complicated and sometimes it’s easier to keep things simple and to the point. That’s where this man cave tankard pint glass comes in.

If you’re searching for a man cave gift for the cave dweller in your life then you can stop and be happy. This will do the trick.

Six: With Great Beard Pint Glass

For some men a beard is a way of life. It’s a true sign of manliness and masculine identify and, just on a basic level, a good beard looks badass!

If that’s you, or someone in your life, then you know with 100% certainty that it’s absolutely true when they say, “With great beard comes great responsibility”. Use it wisely my friend.

Seven: Everybody’s Got to Believe in Something Pint Glass

Every man needs a handful of quotes to draw inspiration from every so often.

Let’s face it. Life can be tough as hell at times but a few choice words, from the world’s greatest thinkers, can help us recalibrate and restart.

Take this wonderful pint glass as an example. “I believe I’ll have another beer” is a quote we can happily live by for the rest of our lives. Join us.

Eight: Harry Potter House Crests Pint Glass

Every Harry Potter fan secretly sides with one house over another but which is yours? You might have actually read the books or watched the films and realised that you preferred the cunning of Slytherin.

There’s no shame in it and we won’t judge…

Nine: Game of Thrones Ceramic Beer Stein

“For the night is dark and full of terrors.”

If that doesn’t sound like a good reason to drink heavily in your warm, fortified man cave then we really don’t know who the hell you are anymore.

This Game of Thrones beer stein is the perfect man cave addition for those of you out there that think you’re badass enough to survive in Westeros.

Ps. We know you’d be eviscerated by a White Walker in seconds!

Ten: Erdinger Pint Glass

If you’ve never tasted a glorious pint of Erdinger then stop reading, click here and start drinking right now!

If you’re lucky enough to have tasted this sweet nectar then you’ll know that Erdinger is one of the finest wheat beers around. What did we tell you? Those Germans really know how to brew.

Celebrate one of the best beers out there with these quirky, official pint glasses.

Eleven: Fallout Vault Boy Pint Glass

“War, war never changes” and the same can be said of reasons to drink.

Take a look outside your man cave door or window today. What do you see? If it’s a nuclear wasteland then you’re going to need to drink to forget. If it’s all seemingly normal then you’re going to have to drink to prepare…

Twelve: Tankard of Skulls

If you want to create the type of man cave that scares women and small children and only looks appealing to the worst aspects of our society then this Skull Tankard will be a nice little addition.

I mean, why wouldn’t you want to drink beer out of something so blatantly aggressive?

Oh, and if you’re searching for a few choice beers we’ve got some recommendations here!

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