12 Man Cave Gifts UK for Christmas 2018

We know it’s only just turned October but believe us when we say Christmas will be here in no time.

Seriously. It’s a scientific fact that the run up to Christmas goes quicker than any other time of the year. We think it’s something to do with an increase in flux capacitors in the air… (Bonus points for anyone getting that reference!)

Anyway, you know what sucks? Not being prepared!

Know what sucks even harder? Killing your bank balance.

Hit two birds with one stone this autumn and be a prepared, financially secure, badass! Sort out those Christmas presents for the man cave dweller in your right now!

To make things easy we’ve collected together a few classic man cave Christmas gifts so you can’t go wrong!

Man Cave Christmas Gifts UK 

Tesco Value Christmas Jumper

If you’re asking us, we think the Tesco Value brand gets a bad rap.

Who doesn’t love a basic, “does what it says on the tin”, range of products? ESPECIALLY at Christmas?!

This Tesco Value Christmas jumper is for the man in your life who likes to keep things basic, down to earth, and simple.


Wine Aerator Decanter

A wine aerator is the perfect present for the man in your life who, either has everything, loves wine, or fits in both of those categories.

If you’re not a regular wine drinker you might be wondering what exactly a wine aerator decanter does.

Put simply, it speeds up the process of using a traditional wine decanter and instantly, via a pouring method, mixes the correct amount of air needed to let the wine breathe for the perfect glass every time.

Now that sounds like a handy man cave Christmas present to us.


Men Colouring Book

Modern 21st century life can be seriously stressful, right?

Well, it looks like plenty out there agree with us because the rise of de-stressing “adult colouring books” over the last decade has been seemingly exponential.

If you know someone with a hidden creative streak, or simply in need of some simple relaxation, then this might do the trick.


Wooden Beer Mug

Think about it.

Massively popular global TV sensations like Game of Thrones, Vikings and Westworld, all tell us one important thing about modern society.

We all want to go back in time!

Or maybe it’s the endless sex, violence and ruthless politics and backstabbing that we all love? Alarming if that’s the case…

We choose to believe it’s the “back in time” thing and that’s where this classic wooden beer mug comes in.

The perfect vessel for a drink in the man cave!


Man Cave Wall Decal

Some men like to keep things extremely simple.

Think that’s all we need to say with this one.


Reading Glasses Holder

The man cave can be many different things to many different people.

For some it’s a gaming den, for others a sports inspired hideaway and for others simply a place to unwind.

Whatever it is, the chances of needing your glasses (if you wear them) in there, are high. The chances of losing said glasses are even higher.

This Reading Glasses Holder should do the trick.


Beer Hawk Craft Beer Selection

Beer is the new wine!

Well, it probably isn’t but the recent rise in craft beer has brought a crazy high number of new breweries, styles, and most importantly, tastes to the table.

Beer Hawk know their onions when it comes to beer and this selection is perfect for beginners right through to the family beer snob.*

Ps. If you don’t have a resident family beer snob count your blessings!


Grumpy’s Man Cave Wall Plaque

If man caves had spirit animals, Grumpy would be a very good choice.

We don’t know why, but men just naturally seem to get grumpier with age and this little guy will be the perfect reminder of that in the man cave.


The Bright Side Man Tin

Every man has a tin or drawer full of all the crap that doesn’t really serve any purpose, but also can’t be thrown away.

This little tin will work a treat in the man cave.


PRIME: The Beef Cookbook

Look, meat eating isn’t a symbol of manliness per se, but it just so happens that we know loads of men who love to eat meat!

With that in mind, we know plenty of men are terrible in the kitchen but start to introduce prime cuts of beef into the mix and watch their eyes sparkle and talents rise to the occasion.

PRIME is the definitive cookbook for your resident carnivore.


Bonsai Trio Kit

Much like the adult colouring book, maintaining a bonsai tree can be the answer to the daily stresses of modern life.

The Japanese were on to something, right?


Craft Beer Glasses Set

Like we said before, craft beer is on the rise and unlike your regular lager, a standard pint glass won’t cut it!

If you’re investing in the beers then take the time to invest in good, man cave friendly, glassware as well.

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