19 Good Christmas Gifts for Dad

Let’s face it. Dads can be hard to buy gifts for at the best of times and, at the worst it can be downright impossible.

Classic dad phrases include “Oh, don’t worry about me” and “I don’t care what you get me” but you can be damned sure they’ll be staring at you with sad puppy dog ideas on December 25th if you don’t produce something of substance.

At A Man’s Room some of us are dads, and all of us (last time we checked) have dads, so we want to rectify this problem once and for all…or at least for 2018 anyway…

“Dear Dad, I’m Your Favourite Child” Coffee Mug

See, when you actually think about it. This “favourite child” coffee mug is for you, not your dad.

Annoying siblings is one of life’s simple pleasures and this coffee mug gives you the chance to aim a subtle dig at them whilst also buying a Christmas gift for dad. Two birds. One stone.



“Dad’s Legendary Roast” Kitchen Apron

What is it about dads and the kitchen?

300+ days of the year they’re nowhere to be seen but every so often, primarily during special occasions, they can be found hogging the limelight and acting (usually falsely) like naturals.

We’ll leave you to decide whether this is a joke purchase or not.



Retro Shaving Gift Set

Hipster beards might be all the rage with some guys but dads, by virtue of never really being fashionable, seem to have remained untouched by the trend.

We know shaving is a boring daily routine but this gift set should brighten it up on special occasions such as weddings, Christmas, birthdays, work events etc.

Who doesn’t love a piece of retro kit?



“Dad Yoda Best” Coffee Mug

What do you get when you cross dad jokes, with Star Wars, with coffee mugs, we hear nobody cry?!

This Yoda coffee mug!

Who knew you could cram so many essentials into one tiny little gift?



Men’s Health Big Book of Exercises

We know Christmas isn’t exactly the stereotypical time for burpees and pushups. That’s usually saved for those awful New Years resolutions we all unwittingly make…

However, if you’re Christmas shopping for the fitness buff in your life, or even someone at the beginning of their journey, then this is the book for them.

It’s a hefty tome and packs a ridiculous amount of exercises within. You could come up with various routines for infinity with this thing. We’re not joking. It’s a beast.



Heavy Duty Canvas Work Apron


Is your dad the type to potter around in the shed or garage all day?

God knows what they do in there but you can guarantee they usually ruin their clothes in the process.

This heavy duty work apron should fix that.



The Beer Bucket List

Craft beer is all the rage these days (and we get that it can be seen as slightly hipster…) but we’re big, big fans.

Christmas is the perfect time to sit back and get loaded on a few highly alcoholic beverages and we know plenty of dads who agree.

The Beer Bucket List adds a bit of structure and helps us pretend it’s actually a hobby…



Sony PlayStation Classic Console

Can you believe that the original PlayStation was released more than twenty years ago?

It’s ridiculous. All those hours playing Gran Turismo, Ridge Racer, Tomb Raider, Rayman, Spyro and countless other titles.

Much like the NES and SNES reboots, the PlayStation Classic Console aims to give us a nice heady dose of nostalgia in the modern era.



Vinyl Record Coasters


For the music loving dad in your life.

He’ll chuckle at their size, hark back to the days of that first vinyl crackle on a new album, and your mum will be happy there’s no more water rings on the table.



Fifa 19

For a large percentage of the UK male population FIFA is an absolute essential.

Check if your man cave dweller owns a copy because if he doesn’t then this needs to be on your list.



“Awaken, My Love” Childish Gambino Vinyl


You know the way most dads (even the young ones!) quickly slip into thinking all new music is terrible and overrated?

Give them a slice of Childish Gambino, arguably the man of 2018, in the form of his jazz/funk odyssey “Awaken, My Love” on vinyl, and watch them blissfully come round to your way of thinking very, very quickly.



Cards Against Humanity UK Edition


We’re going to make this loud and clear… DON’T PLAY CARDS AGAINST HUMANITY WITH YOUR PARENTS!!

Now, since we know you love to ignore common sense advice, crack on.

Cards Against Humanity, the UK edition, is the ultimate party game for deviants, fans of dark humour, and general all round terrible human beings. We’re guessing you probably know a few if you’re still reading.



PGA Tour Novelty Golf Balls


The golf ball version of a dad joke.




True Utility SmartCard 30 in 1 Wallet Tool


This thing is the ultimate practical dad gift.

It’s the size of a credit card, titanium coated stainless steel, and contains everything from a bottle opener to protractor, wrench to screwdriver and more.



Forza Horizon 4


What do you get when you mix incredible, out of this world, supercars with the beautiful British countryside?

Forza Horizon 4. That’s what!

If you know a petrol head/gamer then look no further on the Christmas gift front.



“World’s Best Dad” Socks


One easy to follow fact of life? Dad’s always need socks

Slap on the corny “World’s Best Dad” slogan and you’ve got yourself a classic Christmas gift for dad

Although you won’t be accused of thinking too hard about it all…



Guitar Darth Vader T-Shirt


What do you get when you cross dad rock with Star Wars?

The ultimate dad t-shirt that’s what!



The Science of Cooking


At A Man’s Room we believe every good kitchen needs a healthy stock of cookbooks.

A personal library to break up the culinary habits with some inspiration every so often.

The Science of Cooking is a great addition to that library. Mix a medical Doctor/scientists with all the key food groups and frequently asked questions and you have this, the answer to almost everything that ends up on your plate.



Spigen Armour iPhone Case


Spigen iPhone cases are incredible. Honestly, say goodbye to cracked screens and dented phone shells.

We randomly discovered Spigen a few years ago and haven’t looked back.

If you’re dad is a stickler for keeping things in mint condition then this is for him. Plus, we all know dads love practical gifts.

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