23 Cheap UK Man Cave Ideas!

Man caves can be seriously expensive and it doesn’t help that every time we see a man cave it’s usually some glorious version imported from the USA.

There’s nothing wrong with our cousins from across the pond (we love you really guys!) but everything seems to be bigger, more expensive and glossy as hell.

We know that there are really only a few essentials required to get a man cave up and running but we also thought we’d take a look at some cheap UK man cave ideas just in case you’re struggling.

Hopefully this comes in handy for our fellow dwellers!

Cheap UK Man Cave Ideas

cheap uk man cave ideas

One: Man Cave Signs

Every man cave needs a sign or two. Man cave signs add personality to a space, help fill up wall space and also add to that “lived in” feeling that every room needs.

They don’t always have to be classic “man cave” signs and if you want something different we’ve collected together some of the best here!

Two: Bottle Cap Coasters

When you think man cave you generally think about a place where the beer flows freely. That usually means you’re going to have a shit-ton of loose bottle caps lying around, unless you’ve got a fully fledged man cave bar to call your own, so why not put them to good use?

Man cave bottle cap coasters will help get rid of your loose caps and keep the place a little tidier. Killing two birds with one stone? Sounds pretty good to us!

Three: Bottle Cap Artwork

If you’re more of a craft beer drinker than the average man cave dweller then you might be more interested in collecting together the bottle caps from your finest craft conquests to cherish and remember.

You could keep it simple and buy a corkboard and just begin sticking them up after every cold one. You could also check out the various beer bottle cap maps out there if you want to periodically drink one nation after another dry!

Four: Sports Posters

We thought we’d keep it pretty generic here. Sports can mean a whole lot of different things to a whole lot of different men.

Maybe you follow a Football League or Premier League team. Maybe you’re an NFL man or a huge golf fan.

Whatever your sport of choice, sports posters and wall art make great cheap man cave additions simply because they look cool, add character to the room and don’t break the bank!

Five: Vinyl Record Decoration

Retro is cool. It’s just a statement of fact.

It can’t be explained but anything that gets touched by the retro brush instantly becomes cool and somewhere over the last 30 years or so, vinyl records have become seriously cool again which makes them a perfect cheap man cave idea.

Whether you’ve got some old vinyl lying around or want to buy some specifically for this purpose they make great decorations. You can use them as bookends, bowls, clocks, wall art… You name it and it’s almost certainly been done with vinyl!

Six: Pallet Coffee Tables

This might not be to every man’s taste but recycling, “upcycling” (if you’re a hipster) or just plain old-fashioned cheapskate repurposing of wooden pallets can be a good cheap man cave idea.

There are a few different options available depending on what you do but stick some wheels or wooden blocks on the bottom for a quick and easy coffee table or stack them for unconventional shelving.

Seven: Framed Football Shirts

You might not have a football shirt collection to rival Messi’s (but who would because that is a ridiculous collection!) but framed football shirts look great and they’re a classic cheap man cave idea because you’ll generally already own the shirt!

You can use framed football shirts to celebrate your favourite team, heroes from bygone seasons or even your own footballing memories of youth.

All you’ll need to get started is a standard football shirt sized frame. After that it’s just a bit of folding. Easy.

Eight: Clock

A clock might not seem like the most interesting man cave addition in the world but trust us when we say that every man needs one.

At some point or another your phone will die, you’ll have misplaced your wristwatch and will have no idea what time it is. That’s where the old reliable man cave clock comes in.

It’s also a nice cheap man cave idea so it makes our list!

Nine: Radio

Think radio is dead in the digital age? Think again!

Whether it’s the increase in driving or the ability to stream a programme or podcast at any moment while on the move, radio has seen a massive resurgence in the last decade and we for one are thankful.

A man cave radio is essential and it’s also a great addition that won’t break the bank.

We know you’ve probably got Spotify and can stream the sports radio via your smartphone but sometimes you need new music freshly picked by real-life DJs and your smartphone free to do other things.

Step forward the man cave radio.

Ten: Football Shirt Cushions

As we mentioned above we know you’ve probably got loads of old football shirts hanging around in cupboards and drawers so why not put them to good use?

We’re not saying you have to use them all. You’ll still need a shirt or two for the odd occasions you embarrass yourself at the five-a-side but sacrifice a few for themed cushions. Especially if you’re building a sports themed man cave!

All you need are a few loose cushions and you can get to work… Or ask the missus to help…

We’ve got a few more man cave cushion ideas here.

Eleven: Coffee Table Books

Coffee table books are a brilliantly cheap man cave addition for two key reasons.

Firstly, despite generally being big, fancy, hardbacks, coffee table books are usually pretty cheap which is perfect for this list. Secondly, coffee table books give you something to look at when your eyes are tired from constantly staring at screens and they also give a man cave more depth and personality.

Here’s a list of our favourite man cave coffee table books for when you’re ready.

Twelve: Bottle Opener

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. A bottle opener is an absolute, 100%, guaranteed man cave bar essential! Don’t you dare have a man cave without one!

Seriously though, your man cave is the place to crack cold beers and chill with whatever your true poison might be (sports/games/movies etc.).

You don’t want to have to wander back and forth between the main house and your man cave for a simple old bottle opener. Make the tiny investment and reap the rewards forever!

Thirteen: Dart Board

A dart board is a classic cheap man cave idea.

When you get tired of staring at screens or just need a simple distraction a dart board will be there to ease your woes. Why do you think they’ve been the staple of pubs up and down the country for decades?

Just be careful with those darts, depending on your aim and how many beers you’ve had…

Fourteen: Vinyl Record Artwork

Remember a few suggestions back when we said that vinyl records can be moulded, melted and used for anything you want?

Well the good news is that vinyl records generally come with big 12inch covers (unless you’ve been scraping around in the bargain bins) that look perfect as individual pieces of man cave artwork.

Take your favourite covers and go wild. You can frame and hang them, simply stick them on the walls or make your own designs or collages…all on the cheap!

Fifteen: Music Posters

Much like our sports posters suggestions music is one of the major pillars of any man’s life and a man cave without reference to your favourite bands, albums or performers just won’t be the same.

We’re not suggesting you go full “student mode” here. Long gone are the days of blu-tacked posters stuck above beds.

Instead, go for a classic album cover framed or some artwork inspired by your favourite bands.

Sixteen: Pop Vinyl Figures

We like our pop vinyl’s here at A Man’s Room. We can’t hide the fact.

What better way to celebrate your love of Game of Thrones than with a tiny version of Jon Snow keeping a solemn watch over your domain? He might be a bastard but he’s your bastard.

Thankfully there’s more than just Game of Thrones pop vinyl figures so you’ve got plenty of options no matter what your interest.

They make great cheap man cave additions and look great on desks or displayed on book shelves.

Seventeen: Man Cave Beers

We know, we know! There’s whisky, wine, rum, gin…

The list goes on and on but when it comes to man cave drinking we’re really focused on beers for better or worse.

If you’re not a beer drinker then you can ignore this but if you ARE, then you need to make sure your man cave has a few tasty beers stored away for those big matches and long Netflix binges.

Thankfully even great beers won’t break the bank these days. We’ve listed a few here for your drinking pleasure.

Eighteen: Bonsai Tree

Man caves aren’t exactly famed for greenery and nature, and we know we aren’t here to give out advice on greenhouses, but a little plant life is never a bad thing.

In our experience bonsai trees are almost indestructible which, if we’re being honest, is probably a good thing for most men. A little water, sunlight and the odd trim and you’re golden.

Nineteen: FIFA

This might seem oddly specific compared to our other cheap man cave ideas but honestly, FIFA should be a given for most men.

Just like Madden, with our friends across the pond, FIFA is the perfect game to have lying around when you really can’t be assed doing, watching or playing anything else.

Seriously, you can hammer out 2 or 3 quick games and then get on with your day. Bonus points because it’s a game most of your mates will be able to play as well…if you let them into your cave!

Twenty: Coffee Mugs

We’ve said it before, and we can’t exactly explain why, but we love coffee mugs and think they should be a part of any good man cave.

Think about it. They’re generally a fun, cheap way of celebrating the things you love most in life. That could be your favourite football team, game, TV series, dirty jokes… You name it and you can guarantee there’s a coffee mug for it!

If you’re struggling for ideas you can see our man cave coffee mugs list here!

Twenty-One: Man Cave Welcome Mat

This might be a divisive man cave suggestion, as we know many of you dwellers build them to retreat from the world, not welcome it in, but for the more social man cave fans out there a welcome mat is always a nice touch.

You can go funny, classic, sports-themed or countless other variations that will fit in with the rest of your man cave.

Twenty-Two: Card Games

Who knew that card games would become cool again? We knew!

While the rest of you were outside getting fresh air and sun (who needs that stuff anyway?) we were perfecting our Top Trumps tactics with the latest incarnation to hit the shelves.

Anyway, things have moved forward since then and no man cave is complete without some good old fashioned card games to lighten the mood. We recommend Exploding Cats and Cards Against Humanity.

Twenty-Three: Fresh Paint

This might seem like an odd note to end on when it comes to cheap man cave ideas but honestly, a fresh lick of paint can work wonders.

Not only is paint generally cheap (unless you’ve got a HUGE man cave) but it can completely change or revitalise your room without changing anything else.

If you’re struggling with colours check out our man cave paint colours guide here!

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  1. Cards against humanity is a dangerous game. I like the fact you have no idea what is going to piss someone off but it sure is fun.

  2. oooh, i love this look! My wall in my dorm looked like this and I kind of want to do something similar somewhere in my home, but I wonder if that’s too cheap.Love the headboard idea

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