26 Golf Themed Man Cave Ideas

Golf Man Cave Gifts

Emoji Novelty Golf Balls

Are you buying these emoji golf balls because you think your man has a sense of humour, because his golf is terrible (see the poop emoji), or because he’s grumpy and you know he’ll instantly hate them?

Either way, it’s a result.

501 Excuses for a Bad Golf Shot

Golf is, amongst other things, “a lovely walk ruined” and if you’ve ever played or watched the gentleman’s game then you’ll know bad shots are around every corner.

As a result, a steady arsenal of excuses is ESSENTIAL.

Keep Calm and Play Golf Coffee Mug 

Golfers aren’t actually the calmest people in the world, contrary to popular belief.

While players might look like they’re having a peaceful stroll around beautiful fairways and greens they’re actually holding years of frustration and stress in due to countless terrible shots.

That’s why this little mug might be the perfect reminder to try and stay calm on the course…even if it’s difficult.

PGA Tour Leather Organiser

This is for the players who TAKE THINGS SERIOUSLY.

Alternatively, it’s for the players who like to look as good as possible…but secretly know they aren’t up to much.

The Golf Father Coffee Mug

Life is full of uncertainties but you can almost be 100% sure that most men love sport and mafia movies.

It’s one of the few things in life we can truly rely on and that’s why this coffee mug works in a golf man cave.

Harvey Makin Golf Club Cufflinks

There comes a time in every man’s life where he has to wear proper grown up cufflinks to an event, be it a job interview, wedding or awards ceremony.

Help the golfer in your life do it in style with little mini odes to his favourite pastime.

Evolution of Golfer T-Shirt

The evolution of man is not something to be sniffed at.

In just the blink of an eye we’ve went from scratching around in caves to charting it all in graphic t-shirts.

Isn’t that magical?

Glass Golf Ball Paperweight

Sometimes men do important, serious things and sometimes that means their man cave isn’t just a place for playtime and relaxation.

That’s where a classic desk paperweight comes in.

The Funniest Quotes About Golf

You know the old saying “if you don’t laugh, you’ll cry”?

We have it on good authority that quote is specifically discussing the sport of golf. This book charts a few more thoughts on one of life’s most frustrating games.

Golf Ball Wine Stopper

Now you might think a stereotypical man cave is full of beer, whiskey and maybe a sneaky bottle of rum but in this case, you would be wrong!

The golfer’s man cave is a place of refinement and decorum and that’s why a wine stopper is needed.

Shhh… I’m Watching Golf Socks

You know those lazy Sundays where rain patters at the windows and some random golf tournament is on TV while yours truly snoozes?

These are the socks that are going to be staring back at you, perched on the sofa, without a care in the world.

Golf Ball Bottle Opener Set

Golfers and wine go hand in hand. Seriously, it’s a thing. Google it.

Why do you think they constantly follow the sun around the world?

Milk Chocolate Golf Balls

A man cave should be a place of freedom and liberty.

A man should feel relaxed and at one with his chosen pleasures in life here. If they have a sweet tooth then they most certainly need a few snacks within arms reach…

Portland Vintage Tweed Mini Golf Wash Bag

We know it might come as a shock but sometimes, SOMETIMES, your man will leave his man cave.

If that journey takes more than 12 hours then he’s going to need a wash bag of some description. This fits that description perfectly.

Golf Man Cave Gadgets

PGA Tour 3 Piece Golf Pen Gift Set

Everybody has important notes to make (that shouldn’t just be confined to a smartphone) and everybody LOVES anything in mini form…including little, teeny tiny golf clubs!

Longridge Golf Chipping Net

Mini putting and chipping shouldn’t just be confined to the offices of 1980s Wall Street executives.

That’s why every man cave deserves a little corner specifically designated to perfecting the pitch and putt.

PGA Tour Pure Putt

Surely it’s illegal for a man cave to be built without a mini putting green included?

If it’s not then we’ve got work to do.

Golf Man Cave Décor

Augusta National Golf Club Canvas

Walls must not remain bare…especially in a man cave!

All that space represents opportunity. An opportunity to celebrate the things one loves the most. In this case it happens to be that glorious little golfing haven in Georgia, USA.

You stare at it, close your eyes and are instantly transported to The Masters Sunday. Perfection.

St Andrews Golf Club Canvas

The Open is one of those tournaments that holds a special place in the hearts of sports fans the world over.

St Andrews in Scotland happens to be one of the most beloved Open courses. The rest, as they say, is history.

St Andrews Retro Print

This retro print is perfectly suited to the man who has an equal appreciation of the gentleman’s game and the finer things in life.

Golfer Splash Art Print

Man caves can be dark, dingy, places if not suitably cared for.

Add a literal splash of colour to your golf man cave with this number.

Golf Man Cave Signs

“These Days People Call it Golf” Sign

You know those classic old Irish pubs that are covered in random knick-knacks?

Everybody loves them because they feel cosy. This is what the perfect golfing man cave should feel like and that’s where signs like this come in handy.

The 19th Hole Sign

If you haven’t heard of the “19th hole” yet then you need to a stern talk with the golfer in your life.

They’ve been fudging the truth about how long a round really takes…

“Golf an Endless Series of Tragedies” Sign

Like we’ve said before, golf is a strange and trying game but that doesn’t mean we don’t love it.

Who doesn’t love a good tragedy?

Guinness Golf Sign

A pint of the black stuff is always well earned after every round of golf and a proper golfing man cave should acknowledge that!

“It’s a Slice” Golf Sign

Golf is an important game as it quickly teaches you that humility is, probably, the number one skill in life.

A gentle reminder that everyone can succumb to a brutal drop in the rough or marble-esque green.


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