4 Cushions for Man Caves

A man cave by its very definition is a place for hibernation so bare furniture (excuse the pun!) won’t cut it. What you need are some cushions or pillows to make things warm and comfortable for those mammoth gaming or sport binges. We’ve picked a few to make sure you don’t have to look too hard, or steal some mismatched rubbish from the attic or garage!

man caves

Cushions for Man Caves

Welcome to the Cabin Cushion

This Welcome to the Cabin cushion is the perfect centrepiece for a homely and classic man cave. If you’re not the sort of man committed to one major obsession, and prefer to mix and match passions and hobbies, then this will fit in nicely.

Add in some dark wood furniture, a few flannel throws and a roasting fire, if you’re lucky, and you’ll have a badass man cave it’ll be hard to walk away from.

Vintage American Style Baseball Cushion

Similar to our first suggestion, this linen pillowcase is the perfect addition to a man cave striving for that vintage feel. The classic American baseball image will work well in a sports man cave or even one just attempting to recreate that homely feel of days gone by.

The game might be boring as hell but this cushion is a tidy addition to any man cave.

Vintage American Map Cushion

The famous Route 66 is known around the world for its connection to one of America’s greatest exports; the blues, and this little homage to that slice of road is a brilliant addition to a music fan’s man cave.

The American map is rustic in style and each state is depicted via its own registration plate meaning this cushion could also be a great addition or present for someone who enjoyed the pleasures of multiple states during their glory days…

Retro Dark Red Motorcycle Cushion

Our final man cave cushion (still with us?) is for all you petrol heads, speed freaks and motor-maniacs out there.

We all know you need a nice, quiet space to rest your weary head after a long day of terrorising us normal drivers and this vintage motorcycle cushion will help ease those aches and pains.

After all, is there anything better than a beautiful machine stripped back to its most basic parts in all its glory?

Please be aware these are cushion covers without the insert. 

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