5 Great Man Cave Videos on YouTube

We understand that sometimes, no matter how good the writing is on A Man’s Room (cough, cough…), you want to see great examples of man caves rather than constantly read about them.

It’s alright, our feelings are hurt but it’s alright…

So with that in mind we thought we’d trawl YouTube for some interesting man cave videos that might provide you with more inspiration for your own space at home. Surprisingly, despite YouTube being filled with every type of video under the sun, man cave videos are slightly lacking.

There are plenty out there but some can last as long as 30 minutes and who has time for that nowadays? Instead we focused on picking out a few different man caves that highlight different aspects of what the space can be for different men out there.

Great man cave videos

Great Man Cave Videos 

One: Build Your Own Man Cave

We decided to put this video first on the list basically because it’s a really practical demonstration of how to prepare a spare room, garage, shed or attic to become a man cave.

You can check out our garage and shed guides in your own time but this video gives a nice little overview of cleaning, insulating and adding heating and electric to a new space.

Two: Elder Scrolls Man Cave

Now moving swiftly on we’ve went from the completely practical to the absurd. Firstly, who knew that comic book artists could make so much money? Secondly, even we would feel slightly weird about sticking $50,000 or £50,000 into a man cave.

Despite those questions we have to admit this is a seriously cool man cave. Talk about sticking to a theme and absolutely nailing it!

If you haven’t decided on a theme for your man cave yet check out our definitive list of 25 man cave themes here.

Three: Zachary Levi’s Man Cave

Zachary Levi’s man cave garage basically makes the list because it’s a room full of toys. From the table tennis table to the old school Street Fighter arcade machine this is a room built purely for entertainment.

It is slightly strange that there are no chairs or sofas to be seen but if you want to build a games room then this might be the video for you.

Four: Gaming Man Cave Setup

Skip to minute 4 to see this impressive man cave setup.

The blogger, Daniel Matias, has built a great hideaway with some framed posters on the walls, a massive sofa and TV setup and a gaming corner that probably has PC gamers drooling.

We also liked the attention to detail with the remote control stand placed right beside the sofa. No more searching for or sitting on those precious TV remotes and console controllers…

Five: Man Cave Shed Tour

Sometimes every room in the house is taken and a man has no other option but to turn to his shed. It’s a common situation but a man cave shed can be just as good as any other hideaway and this quick video tour is the perfect example of that.

After a quick look around, with heating, a beer fridge, comfy chairs and a TV pride of place, you’d be hard pressed to find a man who wouldn’t want to sit down here and unwind.

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