6 Brilliant Manchester United Man Cave Gifts

Football fanatics are in a breed of their own, and Manchester United fans are no different.

If you’re a Manchester United fan or know one then chances are you’ve stumbled upon a Manchester United man cave. A place specifically designed for footballing pleasure and nothing else.

These football man caves usually consist of a massive TV (don’t want to miss those tiny details or terrible referee decisions…), a comfortable chair or sofa and a fridge for beers and snacks. Sounds pretty good, right?

Well almost… Every football fan needs those little extra signs that show their true colours and we’ve picked out some great Manchester United man cave additions for the red devils out there.

Manchester United man cave gift ideas

Manchester United Man Cave Gift Ideas

One: Signed Wayne Rooney Derby Photo

Wayne Rooney considers it his best ever goal in professional football and who are we to argue with United and England’s all-time top goal scorer?

If you’re a United fan then this goal will probably be etched into your brain. United, drawing 1-1 with just under 15 minutes to go, looked down and out before a deflected cross from Nani found Wayne Rooney ready to bicycle kick it past Joe Hart like a rocket.

Queue wild celebrations, Rooney basking in the warm embrace of another adoring Old Trafford crowd and City crawling back to the blue half of the city for another year.

This official framed print of that glorious goal, signed by the main man himself, will be the perfect man cave addition for any reds out there.

Two: Sir Matt Busby Way Road Sign

Every United fan worth their salt knows that there are only two football managers in history worth knowing about – Sir Alex Ferguson and Sir Matt Busby.

After all, it’s no surprise that they were both knighted…

The dedications didn’t stop there for the successful Scots. While Sir Alex got a stand named after him, Sir Matt had the pleasure of having an entire road named in his honour and this replica sign, just like the one found outside Old Trafford, is a seriously smart addition to any United fan’s man cave.

Three: Manchester United FC Mug

If you’re A Man’s Room fan (and why the hell wouldn’t you be?!) then you’ll know that we’re massive coffee mug fans. We don’t know why but we just love a good coffee mug and where better to display your passions, hobbies and loves?

With that in mind the Manchester United coffee mug should be the standard bearer in any United fan’s man cave. Perfect for drowning your sorrows during the Moyes and Van Gaal years and for potentially toasting future successes if you don’t drink the hard stuff…

Four: Manchester United Fleece Blanket

You might have noticed but, more than once, we’ve stated that every man cave needs a good comfortable blanket and a football man cave is no different!

We’re not ashamed to say that we love to curl up on the sofa after a hard round of gaming, Netflix or football, wrap a blanket around ourselves and close our eyes for a classic man cave nap.

The fact that it’s a Manchester United blanket just seals the deal.

Five: Manchester United Vinyl Sticker

If you’re unlucky enough to have to share your man cave with friends, family or other undesirables (too harsh?) then you might be required to make your United love slightly more understated.

Never fear! This tidy Manchester United vinyl sticker, black and minimal in design, will prove a nice little man cave addition without pissing the rest of your cave dwellers off!

Six: Manchester United Cushion

Ah the simple cushion. You might be wondering why we’ve suggested a cushion but we like cushions here at A Man’s Room. Don’t judge us!

The simple cushion can serve two purposes here. If you want an entire man cave dedicated to Manchester United then this can be the cherry on the cake but, if you want to keep things a little less loud and proud, then think of this as your one key statement of fandom. Done!

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