6 Essentials for any Fallout Man Cave

War, war never changes and neither does the Wasteland. It can be a lonely, scary place out there and without some home comforts a man can quickly become disillusioned by the horrors of post-nuclear life.

Fallout Dogmeat Pop Vinyl - Man Cave Gifts and Designs

That’s why a fully stocked man cave is more essential than ever before and if you know your GoodNeighbour from Megaton then you might want to add a touch of the Fallout world to your hideaway.

Fallout Man Cave

Fallout Nuka Cola Glass

Is there anything better than laying down your wares, putting up your weary feet and cracking an ice cold Nuka Cola after a hard day of pillaging and killing raiders? Nope, we didn’t think so.

This Nuka Cola pint glass is a nice little addition to any man cave especially if you’re building or own a nice little man cave bar section. The glass features a crisp and clear version of the classic Nuka Cola logo and feels reliably heavy and solid in your hand.

Dogmeat Pop Vinyl

They really are a man’s best friend aren’t they?

Thinking about good ol’ Dogmeat almost brings a tear to our eye after all those lost days exploring and conquering the Wasteland together. Whether we were rooting through nuclear ruins or beheading some unlucky raider Dogmeat was never too far behind and this lovely Pop Vinyl does our friend justice.

The Dogmeat Pop Vinyl stands at approximately 9cm/3.5 inches tall and is solid and unmovable so it’s primarily for display purposes whether you’re a collector or just looking for a nice little Fallout gift.

Art of Fallout 4 

If ever there was a perfect gift idea or man cave addition for a Fallout fan, this might just be it.

This incredible tome of 365 pages comes in a thick hardcover case and celebrates, in extreme and gratifying detail, Fallout 4 in all its glory. We know some classic Fallout fans may be less enamoured with the new-gen games but this book, showing everything from designs to concept art to developer commentary, reveals the love and commitment that Bethesda has for the series.

As we always say, no man cave is complete without a library dedicated to your loves and passions and if Fallout ranks amongst them then this book is for you.

Fallout Nuka Cola Poster

A smart poster or print in a nice black frame, mounted on a wall, is always a surefire way to smarten up any man cave and the same thinking can just as easily be applied to a Fallout fan’s hideaway.

One of the biggest pleasures in playing the Fallout games is the mix of 1950s small-town America charm with modern, futuristic dystopian terror. Thankfully the Nuka Cola brand errs on the side of innocent and naïve charm and this poster will give your man cave a nice retro feel whilst also paying homage to one of the best gaming series out there.

Official Fallout Mug 

Don’t ask us why but mugs, or tea and coffee cups, are a strange weak spot for us. Open our cupboards and you’ll find an explosion of pop culture and sports teams starring back out at you. It’s a weakness but we’ve admitted it and that’s the main thing, right?

Anyway, nothing says Fallout like a happy-go-lucky Vault Boy and those classic blue and yellow fallout shelter colours. Now we can drink our coffee happy in the knowledge that anyone who dares to enter our man cave will quickly understand that we’re Fallout fans first and everything else second.

Glow in the Dark Vault Boy Pop Vinyl

This limited edition Glow in the Dark Vault Boy Pop Vinyl is on this list for one reason only; it glows in the freaking dark!

No matter what age we are, or how many years go by, we’ll always be a sucker for something that glows in the dark. Similar to the Dogmeat Pop Vinyl this Vault Boy edition stands at approximately 9cm/3.5 inches tall and looks very nice as part of a collection display or as a lone wanderer…

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