9 Great Liverpool FC Gifts for your Football Man Cave

Liverpool FC is one of the worlds most famous football clubs.

Fans of the beautiful game, no matter where they come from, will most likely know the famous names including Steven Gerrard, Kenny Dalglish, and Fernando Torres, whilst also being able to belt out the tune to You’ll Never Walk Alone.

Whether you’re kitting out your own Liverpool inspired man cave, or searching for the best LFC gifts, we’ve got you covered.

Anfield Road Sign

If Anfield is the Liverpool Football Club mecca then the Anfield Road is one of the key pilgrimage routes.

Remember those anticipation-filled walks with a man cave sign fit for a proper football den.



LFC Sherpa Fleece Blanket

The football season is long and hard. It might be seriously exciting but there’s no getting around the fact that it can be nine months of massive highs and equally huge lows.

That’s where the comfort of the LFC Sherpa fleece blanket comes in to play. Perfect for those classic Christmas fixtures, hard winter nights and…the odd occasion when the result goes the other way.



LFC Freezer Tankard

Like we’ve said, the season can be tough…and not just for the players!

That’s where sweet, glorious beer comes in and this LFC tankard will keep everything chilled right through the 90 minutes. Perfect!



This is Anfield Sign

Throughout the years we’ve seen countless legends touch the famous “This is Anfield” sign before walking out to do battle.

You might not be flying into 50/50 tackles or going for 3 points but life is full of challenges and a little tap of this sign in your man cave might just do the trick!



Liverpool Bath Ducky

It’s the 21st century and it’s perfectly acceptable for men to enjoy a bubble bath in the company of a bath ducky.

Whether that ducky is in your club colours or not, is for you to decide…



Liverpool Coasters

The beautiful game always brings people together.

Whether it’s a group playing Sunday morning league together, five-a-side, down the match or around the sofa.

If it’s the latter then you’ll need some coasters to avoid the coffee table mess, even better if your friends support another club and have to constantly see the Liverbird every time they grab their drink!



Liverpool Scarf

The simple club scarf is a football classic.

Look at videos and images from decades long gone and you’ll see the simple scarf appear in every era.

Whether it’s hanging over your office chair, pinned to the wall or by the bed, every Liverpool fan needs a lucky scarf.



Liverpool Pint Glass

Like we’ve said before, sometimes something stronger than tea or coffee is required during a game.

This classic pint glass has you sorted.



Liverpool Retro Coffee Cup

What is football fandom without a heavy dose of nostalgia?

How cool is this retro Liverpool kit coffee cup? Perfect for anyone with a retro kick or those who remember the likes of John Barnes, Alan Hansen and Ian Rush dominating in this type of gear.

All while you’re sipping on your tea or coffee. Perfect.


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