9 of the Best UK Man Cave Doormats

UK Man Cave Doormats

You might be sitting thinking… “What’s in a doormat?”

Well, let us tell you. There’s a bloody lot in a doormat! (Probably…)

Doormats are the gateways to a home or in this case, a man cave. The right doormat sets the tone. Should you expect a smile with open arms or a frosty reception?

Look down at the doormat and you’ll quickly figure out. Anyway, we’ve picked a few of the best for you.

Welcome to the Bat Cave Doormat

At A Man’s Room we’re 100% convinced that every man secretly thinks of himself as batman and as a result, every man cave is actually a bat cave in disguise.

Also, Gotham is a bit of a shithole and cleaning it up can be tiring work…


Welcome to the Man Cave Doormat

“Welcome to the Man Cave” does it for us.

You see it and you instantly know you’re about to walk in to a Valhalla of milk and honey. In this case you can replace the milk and honey with beer, snacks and on demand TV sport.

Glorious, right?


The Man Cave Doormat

“The Man Cave” doormat keeps things very, very, very simple and sometimes, that’s all we want.

Why do we have to complicate things? Why can’t we all just get along?! WHY?!


“You Shall Not Pass” Lord of the Rings Doormat

The Lord of the Rings book, and subsequent movie, series is one of those pop culture phenomenon’s that becomes part of most men’s lives. It’s up there with Star Wars in terms of importance so if you scream “You Shall Not Pass” at a random man, chances are he’ll know exactly what you’re referencing.

This is for the Shire dweller in your life.


“All You Need” Doormat

Maybe you’re not the beer swilling, ass scratching typical man. Maybe you’re a little more refined.

We salute you. You’re a better man than most!


Motorcycle Man Cave Doormat

We’re going to let you into a little secret. Most men don’t actually care about motorcycles.

However, almost all of us agree that they look extremely cool, sound incredible and are sexy as hell. It’s just unfortunate that none of that transfers to us. That doesn’t mean we can’t pretend with handy little pieces like this doormat…


“Time to Beer” Man Cave Doormat

A large, very large, proportion of men like beer. Some even love the stuff!

We can’t explain the science behind it. Probably best to ask the Germans or Czechs if you want a concrete reason. They seem to be experts in it.

Either way, the “Time to Beer” man cave doormat is for that beer lover in your life.


“Dad’s Man Cave” Doormat

The Dad, the boss, the don of the family. At least that’s what everyone leads him to believe.

Dad’s man cave could be a shed, a converted loft or garage, or just a simple little corner of the house that he retreats to when he wants peace, quiet and a few beers or something stronger…


“The Man Cave Where Men Can Be Men” Doormat

“Where men can be men” kind of sums it all up, doesn’t up?

Sometimes we just want a space to lounge around in, drink beer in, snooze in, fart and belch in…

We’re a funny old breed but we need a space to call our own. A space for our own side projects, stupid thoughts and obscure hobbies and strangely, this doormat signifies all of that.

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