Cards Against Humanity: UK Edition Review

Getting Started

For those of you out there still unaware of the card game Cards Against Humanity you’re in for a treat because this isn’t your regular old party game meaning it’s absolutely perfect for a man cave.

Cards Against Humanity is essentially a card game that rewards horrible answers and depraved minds so it should be right up your street…

When playing a round one player asks a question from a black card and the rest of the players try to produce the funniest answer using their white cards. The winner of each round is chosen by the black card holder and the next round begins with someone else asking a question and so on so forth.

The game is a brilliant addition to parties and family events (ok we’re joking about the family events…) but as we all know there are a few key differences between Americans and British, Irish or Europeans. Step forward Cards Against Humanity: UK Edition!

Now, instead of calling someone a douche or asshole you can use our terms like wanker and arsehole! Now, instead of losing laughs because the cards don’t make sense you’ll be able to horrify everyone with ease. Perfect!

Cards Against Humanity: UK Edition Key Points

Cards Against Humanity UK Edition Review - Man Cave Gift Ideas

If you’re in a rush:

  • 550 cards per pack
  • 460 white cards and 90 black cards
  • Adapted for UK culture
  • Horrify your friends and family with ease

What’s In It For You?

What’s in it for you? Well for a start you’ll quickly be able to identify the freaks and weirdos in your circle of family and friends. We’ll let you decide if that’s a good or bad thing.

Also, even though the original Cards Against Humanity is great, games get a lot more interesting when you throw in references we all understand like Jimmy Saville, Madeline McCann, Westminster and our nationwide love of fingering!

Wait, you’re still here? Well, moving on…

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly


  • Brilliant game made (slightly) better
  • 550 cards to treasure forever…


  • Might upset friends and family forever
  • Might confuse stupid *insert nationality here*

Wrapping Up

Honestly, if you’re partly building your man cave to entertain (maybe it’s a man cave pub or sports bar) then this really should be in your arsenal of entertainment options.

Cards Against Humanity is a brilliant game and this UK edition makes it that tiny bit better for anyone based in the UK, Ireland and even Europe depending on how many references you get.

Now, go away and make your friends worry about what goes on in the darkest corners of your mind!

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