Cocoon Home System Security Review

Cocoon Home Security System Review

Cocoon Home Security System

Getting Started

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the last few years you’ll have noticed that smart technology is everywhere nowadays. Long gone are the days when the smartest thing in the house was you!

The smart tech revolution is slowly taking over and home security is no different which leads us to the Cocoon Home Security System.

Cocoon, an Indiegogo crowd funded start-up created by Cocoon Labs, aims to make home security easy, unobtrusive and manageable for the smartphone generation but does it live up to that lofty ambition?

Well, there have been mixed reviews. The Cocoon system boasts about its unique “Subsound” system that monitors sounds below 20 hertz and can learn the natural rhythms of your house to avoid annoying false alarms but this has proved more successful for some than others.

The Cocoon system also links directly to your smartphone which can be both good and bad. The good news is that your smartphone acts as the one, sole, data-protected link meaning you have complete control but the bad news is the app is slightly primitive right now and if you’re unlucky enough to have false alarms then you can expect plenty of notifications.

Those are the bad points (might as well get the bad news out of the way first, right?) but even with mixed reviews the conclusions are almost overwhelmingly positive for Cocoon.

The Cocoon system uses HD video and “Subsound” audio to ensure you know what exactly is going on in your house at any given time. It should be noted that while the audio covers the entire house the camera can only cover the visible area so, if you buy one, you should consider where is most important to see. This would primarily be an entrance or walkway within the house.

The Subsound system, mentioned above, can typically learn your natural home rhythms within 7 days and the visual and audio quality is perfect. This means that when you do leave the house, if you ever get curious, you can quickly check in on the smartphone app and see and hear things without any confusion. Perfect if you want to spy on your kids or partner… We didn’t say that!

When it has learned your house rhythms you’ll be able to monitor everything as and when you please. Cocoon will notify you if it hears anything unusual and switches between “armed” and “disarmed” modes depending on whether you’re in the house or not. It does this via your smartphone.

If the worst does happen you can call the police, within the app, and activate a high-pitched, deafening siren to scare (and hopefully ward) intruders off. It doesn’t top beating the shit out of them but, if you’re at the office or out of the country, it’s your best option…

Another plus for the Cocoon is that it basically operates on a “Plug-n-Go” basis meaning, barring any technical hitches, you should be good to go within minutes of opening the box.

Cocoon Home Security System Key Points

If you’re in a rush:

  • Cricked ball sized camera and speaker system
  • Uses patented Subsound system to detect audio in entire house
  • Learns your house rhythms to avoid false alarms
  • HD video quality
  • Accessible and managed via dedicated smartphone app
  • “Plug-n-Go” easy setup

What’s In It For You?

If you decide that a Cocoon Home Security System is for you then you’ll get a small, cricket ball sized camera and speaker, a little stand and a 1.5 meter lead that will be a big step up from your average webcam monitoring system.

Using this system you’ll be able to cover every inch of your house (at least in audio coverage) and check-in for an update as and when you’d like.

Thankfully it’s easy to setup and connect to your smartphone meaning that you should be good to go within a few minutes.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly


  • Subsound system offers something new and covers entire house
  • Listens and learns over time
  • Small, discreet and modern finish
  • HD video and audio quality
  • Connected to Smartphone for easy access


  • Video coverage limited to small area
  • Subsound system can take time to learn “home rhythms”
  • Can be linked to multiple smartphones but every user has same access levels
  • Smartphone apps could be better

Wrapping Up

So to wrap up it’s fair to say the Cocoon Home Security System has a few kinks to iron out but offers something new and pretty damn comprehensive in terms of home surveillance.

Also, smart tech might seem like it’s everywhere nowadays (and it is to a certain extent) but we’re still in the early days so you can’t expect everything to be perfect right away.

This is still a very cool addition and the price is just the right side of “oh go on then”.

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