Do Man Cave Paint Colours Matter?

Do man cave paint colours matter? In all honesty, no, they don’t matter.

If you just want a space where you can binge on Netflix, watch football and/or play games for hours on end and don’t care about your surroundings then all you need is a sofa, TV and console or PC. In this case man cave colours definitely don’t matter.

However, if you actually want a pretty cool space that doesn’t look like shit when you flick on the lights (and we suspect you do because you’re on A Man’s Room…) then keep reading because the colours DO matter.

Confused? Don’t be. Choosing your man cave colours is just another part of the process but we promise you, it matters.

man cave paint colours

Man Cave Paint Colours

The Difference Between Light and Dark Man Caves

Before we get started let’s discuss the difference between light and dark paint colours for man caves.

When designing your own man cave your instant reaction might be to go manly, to go dark and just get on with it already!

Hold your horses there… It’s crazy how light and dark colours can impact a room and when it’s somewhere as important as your man cave, we want you to be sure so focus on the differences here.

Dark colours will make any room feel smaller as they draw walls closer towards you.

Light colours will open up a room and create the sense of more space and this can be achieved both horizontally and vertically by matching walls to the ceiling. Ever wonder why every show-house and apartment is white, beige or cream? It’s to fool you into thinking the place is a mansion…

So, with that in mind, what do you want to do? Do you want to make your man cave feel bigger or smaller?

How to Use Colour

Moving on…

If you’ve generally left interior design to your partner or roommates in the past it will probably surprise you just how powerful colour can be. As we’ve already seen different colours can completely change the look and feel of a room so choose wisely.

Man cave colours will set the tone so if you want to make the room feel warm and cosy think about using reds, yellows, oranges, terracotta etc.

Alternatively, if you want to make a man cave that feels open, cool and airy then focus on blues, greys, off-whites and other similar colours.

How to Choose Your Man Cave Colours

You’re starting to feel like a proper interior designer, right?

Now that you know the difference between light and dark colours, the impact they can have and how to make a room feel warm and cosy or bright and open, you need to get down to choosing your colours.

This is the easy part.

If you’re focusing on using one colour simply pick your favourite and then pick one shade lighter and one shade darker. This will give you scope to experiment within your favourite style.

Job done!

And Finally…

Remember, these are just tips and suggestions to get you started.

Don’t be a mug and paint all the walls black in some macho experiment. After an hour it’ll feel like you’re chilling in a grave and when you do decide to go for something lighter it will take forever and thousands of undercoats!

Also, if you want to have one bright “statement” wall while the rest are white then go for it. Likewise if you want a huge mural in tribute to United, City, Liverpool, Zelda, Game of Thrones… Whatever you want!

Just remember, colour can be a surprisingly powerful tool when designing your new man cave.

Use it wisely!

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