Every Man Cave Needs Mundial

We know this is a bit of a departure from what we usually post on A Man’s Room but it’s worth saying.

Also, before we start… We know not *every* man cave actually needs Mundial because some of you probably hate, or are completely apathetic to, football but for the rest of you, sit up straight and pay attention!

If you don’t know what Mundial is then you can check them out by clicking here.


For the uninitiated, Mundial is a quarterly printed magazine focusing on football (soccer to some), fan culture and sports fashion. It’s like a really fancy version of MATCH or SHOOT…in the best way.

In the age of social media you might be wondering why we’re talking about a PRINT magazine. Like, one of those old relics that people used to purchase in a shop.

However, that’s exxxactly why you should take a look at Mundial.

It pops out just four times a year and each copy is essentially a limited edition work of art on the beautiful game. Meaning it’s the perfect addition to any man cave and especially those of a sporting persuasion.

On top of some cracking covers (check out the recent World Cup 2018 selection) you’ll get exclusive interviews with past and present world stars, weird and wonderful stories from around the world of football fandom and on point photography.

You might be reading this thinking we’re sponsored by the good ship Mundial but nothing is further from the truth. We’ve just really been enjoying it over the last couple of months and want to spread the word!

Get this on your man cave coffee table ASAP!



Ps. Our first Mundial was the issue with Beckham on the cover…because, he’s just a handsome man isn’t he?

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