Every Man Should Watch… How to: Academy

“People who think big.”

That sounds pretty good, right?

Our thoughts exactly, and the cherry on top of our reasoning for recommending the How To: Academy to A Man’s Room readers in our Every Man Should Watch series.

We know you like beers, sports, gaming and general lazing around, but we also know you like to think about the bigger picture, and that’s where this incredible library of talks, debates and keynotes comes in.

How to: Academy YouTube Channel

“Living to 100”, “The Future in 20 Minutes”, and “Storing Data in DNA” are just a small selection of the talks and speeches available for your viewing pleasure.

Not only do they tackle the big, or most interesting, questions, they also call in the big guns to discuss them.

Werner Herzog, Richard Dawkins, Stephen Fry, Minnie Driver, Natalie Portman and Yuval Noah Harari, are just some of the headline names called upon to give their two cents on the good and the bad of today.

You can check out the How to: Academy channel here.

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