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“Every Man Should Watch” is about highlighting the best content out there for your man cave viewing pleasure.

We’ll do the searching so you don’t have to and this time around we’ve turned our attention to Vsauce.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Vsauce YouTube Channel

We know YouTube gets a bad rap these days. Most of the time it’s deserved with the slow switch to “Premium” and the seemingly endless amount of “vloggers” and “influencers” out there.

However, with over 13 million subscribers, Vsauce has gained an audience for all the right reasons.

With the help of host Michael Stevens you will discover things you didn’t even know you wanted to know. You’ll feel smarter, more informed and generally smugger around mere mortals who’ve never watched Stevens do his thing.

Vsauce will help you slowly enter one of those famous YouTube wormholes we’ve all experienced at some stage. You know the ones. You kick things off watching “Top 10 Premier League Goals” and 2 hours later you’re five videos deep into a Moon Landing conspiracy and you’re questioning everything…

Questions, Questions, Questions

Luckily, the Vsauce team asks all the right questions here.

We can almost guarantee (unless you’re extremely strange) that you’ve never asked the following questions:

“Is it ok to touch Mars?”

“Who owns the Moon?”

“Did the Past Really Happen?”

“How many things are there?”

See? We told you it was good.

Prepare to have your mind blown over and over again. The best part is that most videos come in the form of 7-10 minute bitesized chunks perfect for those little breaks from life we all need at some point during the day.

You can check out the Vsauce channel here.


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