How to Budget Christmas Gifts

We’re big fans of Christmas at A Man’s Room.

We know it gets a bit of a bad rap amongst the “cool” crowd but what’s not to like?

Time off, copious beers and enough food to maintain a small army sounds good to us.

However, we know it can get stressful and we know it can make a serious dent in your wallet so without further ado, we thought we would offer up our top tips on how to budget for Christmas.

Hope it helps!

Set a Budget 

Sounds simple doesn’t it?

Setting a Christmas gift budget is the first, and best thing (obviously if you stick to it…), you can do when it comes to setting yourself up for the weeks and months ahead.

Grab your phone and create a note, stick it down on paper or even mentally in your head, and note down each individual you have to buy for and stick an approximate figure beside their name.

Total the figure up and stick to it. That’s now your Christmas gifts budget.

Before you make any purchase, for the family, friends or colleagues on your list, take note and see where it sits within your budget. The sooner you rule out the accidental, additional presents, the better. 

Plan Ahead 

Bet you think we’re proper geeks planning ahead and talking about Christmas in October!

Well, we know we are but planning ahead will save you money in the long run.

Start to chip away at the essentials now and your November/December wages will thank you later.

When you really think about it, we buy a lot of the same stuff year in year out.

Grab those bottles of wine for your parents, boxes of chocolates for your partner and boring pairs of socks for your brothers now. Get them bought and ticked off the list to safe a whole lot of hassle and spending closer to the big day.

Browse Around 

Have you heard of this really cool invention called the Internet?

It lets you do all sorts of cool things including browsing multiple shops, and multiple items, all AT THE SAME TIME. Revolutionary!

Seriously, if you’re looking at big ticket items then browse around. Amazon, eBay, Google Shop, the supermarket chains, and countless other retailers, are all vying for your attention and buying power so utilise what’s there in front of you. 

Play the Waiting Game 

This is really a judgment call so don’t go playing with fire (i.e. leaving your partner’s presents to the last minute!) but playing the waiting game is an interesting budgeting tactic.

Take big gaming consoles and games (think FIFA etc.). Every year supermarkets, and other retailers, will bundle together ridiculous offers waiting to be snapped up. These offers change week to week as we countdown towards Christmas so be prepared to play the waiting game to find a price that works for you. 

Introduce Secret Santa  

Secret Santa is a Godsend when it comes to Christmas gift budgeting and, to be honest, family and workplace relations, in some cases.

If you have loads of siblings, consider suggesting introducing Secret Santa into the mix. The same works with housemates, close friend groups and colleagues.

Don’t think Secret Santa is a good idea? Take Michael Scott and co’s word for it. Actually, maybe don’t…

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