How to Build Your Own Man Cave Attic

Man caves can be hard to come by in the real world.

Sometimes you just don’t have the time, space or money to invest into building a room dedicated to the loves of your life (and we’re not talking about your family or partner…).

However, you might be sitting on some unused, unappreciated space PERFECT for a man cave! We’ve already looked at how to man cave your garage and how to build a man cave shed. Now it’s time to create a man cave attic to be proud of.

We’ve laid out the steps below so you can do less thinking and more doing. Get to work dwellers!

Build Your Man Cave Attic

Man cave attic - Man cave ideas, essentials and inspiration from A Man's Room

One: Make sure it’s suitable

Unfortunately some house lofts or attics just won’t be suitable for conversion. Even the most basic conversion will most likely involve strengthening the floor, insulating and improving the walls and adding lighting and electricity outlets as well as improving access so it represents a big project.

Size, access and planning restrictions could all limit or hinder your man cave plans before they even get started so check with your local authorities before making any decisions or committing budget to the project.

Two: Decide on what you want

Deciding on what type of man cave attic you want will probably be determined by space and budget.

You might be dreaming of creating the perfect man cave but if your loft is tiny then you’re going to have to make some sacrifices and the same can be said if your budget it tight.

Think about what you want to use the room for. Will it be an office, a games room, a sports cave or something completely different? Do you want to add a small bathroom or toilet? Do you want natural light?

Ask yourself questions, make decisions and plan things out before you bring in the professionals. It should save you time and money.

Three: Get cleaning

Now that you’ve made your plans and decided (roughly) on what you want, it’s time to get cleaning and preparing for the work ahead.

We know that attics are generally used to store all kinds of crap so you’re probably going to have to do a proper purge. Get your hands dirty and throwaway all that rubbish you know you’re never going to look at again… We know it hurts but think about how cool your new man cave will be!

Once you’ve got your space cleared out it’s time for a quick clean. If your attic conversion requires extensive work then it might be best to leave this until the end but if it’s going to be a quick project then get the hoover out!

Four: Sort out access

Access isn’t a major issue when your attic is no more than a glorified storage space but, when you decide to upgrade to a proper man cave attic you’re going to need something easier and more reliable than an old stepladder.

If you’re not the fussy type you could go for an easily installed set of pull down/fold away steps. This is a great option if you’re low on funds or just want something simple and quick but the downside is that you’ll get little privacy in your new man cave and they probably won’t look too appealing when you’ve had a few too many…

For those of thinking about something more practical and long term it’s going to be the installation of a flight of set stairs. The pros are pretty obvious. It turns your man cave attic into a proper room, allows for ease of access, privacy and general safety.

Unfortunately this is a pretty big project and planning permissions are generally required to ensure the angle of the stairs, headspace and width all meet with local requirements. Make sure to get this stuff checked out and squared away with your contractor or builder before you start anything.

Five: Plan out your man cave attic and work with the professionals

If you’ve made it this far then you’re almost there…sort of!

If you’ve got a suitable space, have decided what you want to do, have safe and reliable access and have cleaned and prepped your future man cave then you’re ready to work with the professionals!


First things first, work with the professionals until they’re happy that your new man cave attic floor can support your fat ass! Keep in mind that most loft/attic floors are built to support roughly 25kg of weight per square meter whereas living accommodation (man caves, offices, bedrooms etc.) need to support 150kg of weight! Big difference…

After that you can choose the perfect flooring for your man cave. We’d recommend something bright regardless of the material to enhance any natural light your new room gets.


You could do this yourself…depending on your DIY experience but we’d highly advise against it if the process involves changing anything structurally.

If, however, nothing structurally is changing and the basic layout of your new man cave attic has been decided and created you could undertake the insulation and plasterboard process yourself. Remember to take the necessary safety precautions you idiots.

After that, you’re free to paint, wallpaper or decorate as you see fit. Check out our guide to man cave colours here.


We might be cave men at heart but very few man caves will survive without electricity so bring that power!

We also know that most man cave dwellers won’t be that familiar with rewiring, adding new electrical outlets and new light fixtures so leave it to the professionals and save yourself a shock or worse. Your job here is to roughly plan out where you want your lighting and power outlets so by this stage you should have a good idea of your proposed room layout.

Six: Kit it out!

Job done? Nope!

You’re just getting started but thankfully the hard part is over. Now you’ve got a man cave attic shell to work with and this means that, within reason, you can create whatever you want.

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