How to Decorate a Man Cave

We might be extremely biased but we believe every man should have a man cave. A space to call his own.

This space could be a man cave bar, a gaming den, a home office, or something completely different.

Whatever it is, it should be yours and it should be decorated to reflect that.

How to Decorate a Man Cave

Interior design just for men isn’t exactly common, so we thought we would identify a few key pointers on how to decorate a man cave. Enjoy!

Define your Man Cave Theme

If you don’t want a theme that’s fine, this is a safe space maaaaaaan.

If, however, you do want to theme your man cave, however slightly, then we recommend you define it early on in the process when you’re working with a blank canvas of a room.

Gaming dens, sports man caves and mini cinemas will all revolve around the TV/entertainment setup whereas home offices, man cave bars and music man cave will most likely have different arrangements and layouts.

By defining early you’ll start to see potential in terms of layout, space and décor. 

Decide on Man Cave Colours

After defining your theme, and potential layout plans, you will want to decide on your man cave colours.

Again, these colours should reflect what you’d like to use the room for. If it’s sports related you might want the colours to reference your favourite team, whereas gamers and movie buffs might want something darker so they can focus solely on the screen.

We’ve went in-depth on this in the past. You can check out our man cave colour guide here. 

Pick Key Furniture Pieces

A blank canvas is great but a man cave starts to come into its own when you add those essential furniture pieces.

Universally, the most important piece of man cave furniture is your man cave throne but we’re not talking about the Iron Throne here. This could be a seat, sofa, recliner, rocking chair or something completely different.

We don’t care what it is. Just make sure you can watch what you want, crack a beer, chill with friends and have a sneaky nap, all in that one chair. If it passes those tests then you’re good to go.

After that you’ll most likely want to get a great TV setup (depending on the man cave theme), a good solid coffee table, some extra seating if you plan to entertain, and some tidy storage options. 

Decide on Man Cave Wall Décor

If you’ve ever walked into a good, classic pub, you will probably have noticed that the walls look good.

Why do they look so good? We hear you cry!

Wall décor!

It might come as a surprise but wall décor is actually an important part of designing a room just how you want it.

Man cave wall décor is completely relative to the man cave and the man so if you’re a sports fanatic, get your team’s shirt up there in a frame, movie buffs should have classic film posters and music fans could opt for seminal albums in vinyl.

There are plenty of options out there to give your man cave more life and character.

Pick your Man Cave Gadgets…Carefully

It’s a bit of a stereotype but we love our gadgets, don’t we?

We know that’s a bit of a generalisation but, for whatever reason, men seem to love gadgets and a man cave is another great excuse to go digging for the weirdest options out there.

With that in mind, we want to say… Choose CAREFULLY!

From smart home tech to voice assistants, and from security options to ridiculous Ultra 4K HD TV setups, there are so many opportunities to get distracted or drawn in.

Most man caves will be exactly what you want without hundreds of random gadgets so don’t worry about them…unless you’re really addicted! 

Build your Man Cave Bar (or don’t!)

The man cave bar is kind of, almost, synonymous with the actual original man cave itself.

We have to admit, at A Man’s Room we really do love a good man cave bar. There’s something uniquely satisfying about drinking in a private bar setup that has all the works you’d expect at the real thing.

If you are thinking about investing in a man cave bar then you can check out our guide here.

If you’re not going down the man cave bar route that’s fine… but remember, save space for drinks and snacks! That’s where a little mini fridge will come in handy. 

Give it a UK Man Cave Twist

Did you know A Man’s Room is a UK blog?

No? Well you do now!

We know man caves are generally dominated by the American market, and that’s fine (hello American friends!) for the most part, but every so often it’s nice to give our own efforts a little UK or Irish twist.

What type of twist?

Well it could be a classic Victorian mirror for your man cave bar, a football shirt for your sports cave or something even simpler like a map of our home.

Just a suggestion, but we love the UK touches.

So, there you have it.

That, in essence, is a whistle stop guide on how to decorate a man cave how you see fit.

Remember, not every man is so lucky so this is a space to be cherished and celebrated.

Make it yours!

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