How to Man Cave Your Shed

The man cave shed is an institution and it’s about time we brought it back in full force!

Drive through any neighbourhood throughout the UK, Ireland and further afield and you’ll most likely see hundreds or thousands of sheds sitting in back gardens unused, unloved and forgotten. Just the thought of it brings a tear to our eyes!

We don’t want old, unloved sheds. We want man cave sheds! We want man cave sheds with comfy chairs, TVs primed for sport, game and movie binges, fully stocked beer fridges and walls covered with posters, prints and memorabilia of the things you love the most.

Apart from family, obviously

So with all of that in mind we thought it best to provide some clear instructions on how to best man cave your shed. You might be at a different stage of development but never fear, simply take the tips or information you need, apply them like the faithful man cave dweller you are and rejoice in your new space!

You’ll be thanking us when, after the next big Netflix release or football Super Sunday, you can retreat to your man cave without fear of distraction or interruption. Now, off with you!

man cave shed

Man Cave Shed Ideas

Getting Started (Clearing and Storage)

Getting started and getting over the mental hump of actually doing anything is always the hardest part when creating your man cave shed so, with that in mind, think about just how good it will feel when you crack that first ice-cold beer and settle down into your favourite chair ready to relax in peace.

Now that you’re ready, start with basic clearing, cleaning and storage. If your shed is anything like all the other sheds in the world (we’ll know if you’re lying…) then it will be filled to the brim with rubbish, dusty exercise equipment, old bikes and gardening tools you pretend to use every so often when the sun comes out…

The first thing to do is to separate anything valuable from the rubbish. Be harsh and unforgiving at this point because the more you throwaway or sell on eBay the more room you’ll have to play with.

After you’ve cleared everything out, and before you’ve returned the valuable items to the shed, take the time to clean the entire shed from top to bottom. This is going to be your man cave from now on so spider webs, dead flies and old bags of spilled soil won’t cut it anymore.

Finally, we move on to storage. Ideally you’ll want to choose something that is both practical and in fitting with your overall theme.

In Short:

  • Separate items into keep, bin or sell
  • Clean the shed from top to bottom
  • Create a storage space for any items your keeping

Heating a Garden Shed (Insulation and Lining)

We all know there’s no point in kitting out a brilliant man cave shed and then freezing to death in it so heating should be a major priority.

You could look at external wall insulation options but, for a shed, it’s more likely that internal wall insulation will be easier. Most wooden sheds feature frame beams on the inside walls with space in between which naturally makes the perfect place for insulation. You can then cover this insulation with plasterboard which can then be painted to give the place a more comfortable feel and style.

If all else fails, and if you have the space in your garden or around the house, face your biggest man cave shed windows towards the east (where the sun rises in the UK). Some natural light and heat will always help regardless of what’s going on inside.

In Short:

  • Internal wall insulation works best in sheds
  • Plasterboard will allow you to create a better looking space
  • Face your shed east to catch natural light and heat in the UK

Adding Electric to a Garden Shed

When it comes to adding electric to a shed we highly recommend you pay a qualified electrician to do the job. We’re sure you could probably attempt it but honestly, why bother? Find a local electrician you can trust won’t rip you off and get it done in half the time!

That might sound like the boring option but adding electric to an outdoor man cave shed essentially involves installing a steel wire armoured cable underground from your house to the shed. Not the smallest of jobs we think you’ll agree!

Before starting you’ll need to consider what you want electric for in your man cave shed as this will determine how much juice you need! During this stage you should also consider what lights and electrical sockets you want and whether or not you’d also like to have an outdoor weather-proof socket as well.

After that it’s time to take a step back and let the paid professionals do their thing safely and quickly. If you really want to get involved you can probably help dig the trench needed for the wire… We know you secretly think of yourself as some sort of handyman!

When all is said and done you can stand back and scream towards the sky “Let there be light!”

In Short:

  • Hire an electrician
  • Seriously, hire an electrician and don’t kill yourself!
  • Consult with your electrician and decide how much power you need, where lights will go and how much sockets you want
  • Did a trench and feel manly

Man Cave Shed Essentials

Finally, after clearing and cleaning, insulating and plasterboarding and adding electric to your man cave shed, comes the fun part.

A man cave shed, like any other man cave, is a private space built for comfort. A place built specifically to house your passions. What can be cooler than that?

However, before you begin to fill your man cave shed with your favourite team’s colours or your shelves of vinyl records, think about the classic man cave essentials that come first! These are the few key items that almost every man cave, worldwide, has in some shape or form. Let’s begin.

First, it’s pretty clear you’ll need a TV setup to be proud of. There’s no point in having a man cave shed specifically built for big football matches, fight nights or gaming binges and then placing a terrible, tiny Michael Scott sized TV in it! Pick something within your budget that is big enough to make a dent.

After that it’s all about the sofa and snack setup (we we’re originally going to call this SS until, well, y’know, Nazis) to get you through those long nights and lazy Sunday afternoons. You don’t want to have to slink back to the house every time you want a cold beer or some Doritos so get a great sofa, and an extra seat or two if you have the room, that can cope with your fat ass and a fridge big enough for some beers and some snack storage. Believe us, these are essentials.

Beyond that it’s really up to you. Make sure you’ve got the essentials sorted and everything after that will feel like a bonus.

In Short:

  • A big TV
  • Comfortable sofas (and extra seats if you’ve got the space)
  • Beer fridge and snack/food storage

Man Cave Shed Accessories

Don’t worry, you’re almost done, but before you take breather it’s time to think about your man cave shed accessories. These are the things that make the man cave truly yours.

You know that cosy feeling women generally achieve when creating a home? Part of that is down to the stuff they fill each room with. Small personal touches, accessories and additions that turn a bare room into something else.

Take the time to think about what you want your man cave to be. You could decide to theme it in some way or maybe you just want some man cave coffee table books to take the bare look away.

Whatever it is, whether you’re a gaming nut, a TV man or a sports fan there are thousands of ways to turn a simple shed (with the man cave essentials of course) into something that’s just for you.

To get started we would recommend putting up a framed print or two, adding some “manly” cushions and throws to your seating and then building out your music, books or gaming collections. These things will start to make the room feel less sparse and empty and then you can go from there…

In Short:

  • Don’t stop at the man cave essentials, make the room yours!
  • Framed posters/prints help bare walls
  • Personal collections (books, records) will add a unique touch

Shed Security

Last but most definitely not least is the issue of shed security.

You might think this sounds a little over the top at first but there’s no point in creating a great man cave shed and filling it with your most prized possessions only to leave it open and exposed.

When considering shed security, location should always be a factor. Ideally you would locate your shed somewhere private within your property that is difficult to access and hard to see via public roads. Also, remember to attach curtains or shutters that can completely cover windows either at night or when you’re away to ensure that nobody can see what lies within your precious man cave.

You should also consider investing in a heavy duty padlock. It should be reliable enough to keep amateurs out but also inconspicuous enough to avoid attracting too much attention as to what could be inside your man cave shed.

To further beef up security you could also add motion sensor alarms, to scare the crap out of anyone stupid enough to enter your man cave shed, and a small concealed camera to catch any culprits on video.

Finally, it should be noted that unlike a man cave garage or other man caves within a household, there will always be a slightly bigger risk with a shed. Unfortunately it’s the nature of the beast when choosing to use something less secure and sturdy like a wooden shed but we trust you’ll do what works best within your own situation.

In Short:

  • Consider the security aspects of your shed location
  • Install some curtains/shutters to keep prying eyes out
  • Invest in a proper padlock
  • Add a motion sensor alarm and camera

That about does it when it comes to creating your own man cave shed. Like we said at the beginning the country is littered with unused sheds primed and ready to be turned into glorious man cave hideaways.

With the right planning, and the right type of shed, you could easily nail this sort of project over a long weekend or over a few days so don’t be overawed.

Good luck and Godspeed cave dwellers!

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