Man Cave FAQS

What colour should I paint my man cave?

Colour can define theme but likewise, theme can define colour so where to start? Most men want something dark but subtle when it comes to a man cave. Bright, garish colours should be left for kids bedrooms while blues, greens or yellows look better in bathrooms and kitchens. Stick to soft greys, beige/brown or dark reds for a man cave hideaway.

What are man cave must haves?

If you’re lucky enough to have a blank canvas of a room it can be daunting deciding where to start? A great man cave takes time to build but the must haves, including a great TV and comfortable chair or sofa, are relatively easy to sort out.

What are cool man cave gadgets?

The majority of us men are gadget freaks. We can’t help but be drawn in by fancy dashboards, statistics or new pieces of fun kit. We’re constantly looking for the coolest additions to any man cave so stay tuned.

What style should my man cave be?

Like most rooms in a house, a man cave can be anything you want it to be! If you’re surrounded by clutter all day and want to retreat to a minimalist haven, do it. Maybe you’re craving a retro feel and want nothing more than a vintage bar to kick back and have a beer in? Do it!

Where should I build my man cave?

Majority of the time, a man cave will be crammed in to some disused room or corner of the house. That isn’t right! Try to find a space you can truly call your own.

Can you build a man cave on a budget?

Building a man cave on a budget is a piece of cake! You can pick up small man cave bar accessories for next to nothing, add personal touches for very little and spend the bulk of your budget on important things like a great TV and beers…