Man Cave Ideas for a Small Room UK

A quick Google of “man caves” will reveal some of the craziest setups around the world but what happens when you don’t have anywhere near as much space?

Depending on where you live, and who you live with, space can be at a premium and that’s especially true in the UK where houses, apartments and flats are generally smaller than those across the pond in the US and Canada.

Well, lucky for you, man cave ideas for a small room aren’t actually as limiting as you would think. So if you’ve been crammed into an old garden shed or a tiny spare room never fear because A Man’s Room is here!

Man Cave Ideas for a Small Room UK

Man Cave Ideas for a Small Room UK

Think Purpose

When space is limited you need to be much clearer when defining the purpose of your new man cave.

Unlike those lucky men with entire garages, basements or attics to play with, here you have to quickly decide what the most important aspects of your man cave will be.

That might seem like a strange process but all you need to do is think; “What do I love the most?”

No we’re not asking you to get all weepy and start reminiscing about ex-girlfriends. You can do that in private when you’re drinking heavily, like a real man…

Asking yourself that question should actually kick start things. For example, if you love your football, you’ll most likely want a man cave perfectly setup for Super Sundays and Monday Night Football in the company of Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher.

If you’re a gamer then your new man cave will probably be a gaming den focused completely on your console or PC setup and if you’re a musician you might want a space to play and practice in peace.

There are so many variations and if you had more space then your man cave could be dedicated to multiple passions and hobbies but in this case, keep it simple at least to begin with.

Think Multi-Function

After you’ve decided what you want to do with your smaller man cave the next step is installing furniture and storage that won’t instantly fill the room and suck all available space away.

Again, keeping things simple is key and to do this we recommend thinking about using “multi-function” pieces. Essentially this means furniture that doubles up as storage space and vice versa.

No matter what you want to use your man cave for it’s highly likely you’ll need a chair and a desk or cabinet. Even if you decide to mount your TV to the wall you’ll still need some of these items so always keep “multi-function” in mind like these folding stools and chests. We also love the practicality of something like this 4 tiered fold-away shelf/desk combo.

Also, if you need more chairs from time to time go for fold-up options that can be easily stored away or stacked somewhere out of sight.

Think Up Not Out

Hopefully your new man cave space isn’t a hobbit hole because this next tip is all about using the vertical space available instead of dwelling on the lack of floor space.

A Hobbit hole providing Man Cave Ideas for a Small Room UK

Use Wall/Ceiling Lighting

When it comes to lighting forget about floor and desk lamps and instead focus on installing wall and ceiling lighting fixtures that brighten the place up without taking away from your physical space.

There are so many options out there but keep it simple and go for something easily mountable, in fitting with the rest of the room and bright…obviously.

Shelves/Corner Shelves

Next up is shelving and (more) storage. Again if you’re lacking in floor space think about using floating shelves and corner shelving to get the most out of your smaller man cave space.

Also, if you’re not hobbit sized (we like Lord of the Rings, deal with it) then you could consider installing shelves slightly higher than you usually would for the rest of your house.

Think Design

Still with us? Keep going, it’ll be worth it when you have a brand new man cave to call your own that doesn’t suck and look like a spare room or glorified storage space.

The key to getting the most out of your new man cave, even when it is in a small room, is to think about every detail. A room is the combination of multiple elements


As stereotypical men (you know, farts, football and fighting) we all probably tend to prefer darker colours and in most cases this can look great but NOT IN SMALL ROOMS!

When you’re working with a small man cave you need to focus on creating the impression of more space and dark colours do the absolute opposite.

So, unless you purposely want to create a pit of despair (too dramatic?), choose bright colours that open the room out, shows all available space and doesn’t close off corners.


You might not like the old mug that stares back at you every morning but mirrors can be your best friend when it comes to creating the impression of more space in a small man cave.

Obviously you don’t want a huge mirror to dominate the room so consider your available wall space and choose something to compliment it. Also, remember to hang or mount your mirror to the wall to save on that precious, precious floor space.

Think Items

If you’re still with us you’re a goddamn trooper and we’re proud of you!

After you’ve carefully worked through the process of designing your new small room man cave it’s time to think about what the hell you’re going to put in there, stick on shelves and hang on walls.

Luckily, we’ve got a few different posts for your pleasure and perusal so whether it’s man cave beers, cushions, Fallout memorabilia or just the plain old man cave essentials; we’ve got you covered.

Now, as we always recommend after a hard days work, sit back, relax and crack a cold beer!

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