Man Cave Ideas on a Budget UK

The man cave is the ultimate male fantasy. Owning your own home is great and all but due to annoying things like having a family (we’re half joking here…) your house has to be shared. Unfortunately.

That’s where a great man cave comes in!

You might be thinking man caves are only for men with loads of money, loads of space or both but it’s not true! Here we’ll give you a few quick man cave ideas on a budget to get you started and if you’re struggling for space then check out our guide to small room man caves here!

You might also be thinking that man caves have to be glorious bastions of manliness filled with expensive gadgets and features. A quick Google Image search will usually spit out some luxurious man caves from our friends across the pond but don’t get disheartened! As we know, everything is bigger in America (and probably Canada too…) so don’t worry. Do your thing and be happy!

Now, let’s get cracking!

Man Cave Ideas on a Budget UK

Frame Old Football Shirts

Framed football shirts - man cave uk ideas

This is a classic budget man cave idea for a reason.

If you’re a massive football fan then you’re bound to have some spare football shirts hanging around somewhere in the house. Now we’re not saying you have to retire every shirt. Why not pick that shirt that’s a little too tight around the belly these days? Or, if you’ve got a favourite kit from a memorable season (think Manchester United’s treble or Arsenal’s Invincibles season) go for that!

When you’ve found the perfect shirt it’s time to frame that badboy! We would recommend going for a 30 x 36 inch frame or 32 x 40 inch frame. Either option should work for a man’s adult sized shirt.

After that it’s simply a case of rinse and repeat. This idea works just as well for rugby, cricket, GAA or whatever your poison is. Perfect for sports themed man caves and sports fanatics out there and cheap as chips as all you’re buying is the frame!

Save Beer Bottle Caps

Beer bottle caps display - man cave uk ideas

Next up is an idea for all you beer heads out there!

Saving up old beer bottle caps is a sure fire way to decorate your man cave on a budget.

It might not be the most glamorous addition in the world but displaying your ales, lagers, IPAs and more can look great depending on how you display them and just how weird the beers are that you drink.

If you’re seriously stuck for cash you could buy a simple corkboard and superglue your beer caps to it in whatever fashion you want. For something a little fancier check out our review of this UK beer bottle cap holder map.

Perfect for beer lovers or those of you wanting to create your own private pub.

Use Old Records

Wall mounted records - man cave uk ideas

Old records are a perfect budget man cave material.

Before we get started we need to stress DON’T DESTROY THE CLASSICS! If you own some Stones, Beatles, Dylan, Nas, Wu-Tang or similar keep them safely tucked away for musical pleasure rather than visual…

Instead, use old, dusty, shitty records that you’ll never listen to in a million years. If you don’t have any check your local charity shop for some DIY bargains.

When you’ve got your records you can use them to decorate your man cave in a few different ways. You could frame album covers for that studio feel, melt a big 12 inch vinyl into a bowl shape for your coffee table or simply line the walls with old records in various displays and designs.

Old records are your friend when it comes to budget man caves.

Use Your Console as Entertainment HQ

This is an easy one.

If you want to kit out your man cave for music, films and gaming but don’t have the money for everything don’t worry.

Smart TVs, wireless speakers and countless other gadgets are fun to have but if you’ve got a current generation console (PS4 or XboxOne) and a good HD TV then you’re already sorted!

Download the available apps (like Spotify, Netflix and YouTube) and you can stream music, films, TV shows and anything else you’d like straight through your TV! Sorted.

Build over the Long Term

Finally, don’t think about building your man cave as a sprint. It’s most definitely a marathon.

If you don’t plan to move from your current home anytime in the near future then you’ve got loads of time to slowly make additions if and when your budget allows it. Anyway, the best man caves are filled with details completely personal to the cave dweller so take it slow and you’ll get there.

For more ideas on a budget check out our man cave additions for under £20 here!

Feeling better? Good!

Man caves aren’t about gadgets, huge TVs and expensive sound systems. All of those things are cool but your man cave should be about your passions, hobbies and interests.

If that has to be built up at a slower rate then no big deal.

Until next time…

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