The Definitive List of the 25 Best Ever Man Caves

If there’s one thing that unites and binds all men together it’s the love and appreciation of a perfectly crafted man cave. For whatever reason, and with very few exceptions, we all grow to crave a hideaway to truly call our own away from family, friends, work and life. Somewhere devoted completely to us.

That being said, finding a spare room or converting your garage or attic/loft can be a daunting prospect. A blank canvas is simultaneously a world of possibilities and a whole lot of nothing!

We thought we’d pull together some of the finest man cave’s out there to help inspire you and point you in the right direction. If in doubt pick a theme that suits you, go with it and then tweak accordingly.

Best Ever Man Caves

One: Football Man Cave

Football man cave

Credit: Daily Mail

We’re happy to admit that not everyone is a football fan but for those of us who are, it’s an obsession.

Can you honestly think of a better use for your converted garage or spare room than to turn it into a mecca for Super Sundays, Monday Night Football and big Champions League nights? It sounds like the perfect man cave and add to that the fact that the rest of the family can continue to use the living room/front room in peace makes it an even better deal.

For the ideal football man cave you’re going to have to obviously have a great TV, a nearby mini fridge for some beers and finally some classic football memorabilia. The last factor is primarily to annoy your mates when they come round to see your teams colours draped everywhere.

Two: Home Cinema Man Cave

home cinema man cave

Movies, film, cinema, whatever you want to call it, it’s one of the cornerstones of our culture and you’ll rarely find a man who doesn’t enjoy the thought of owning his own home cinema.

From Goodfellas to Pulp Fiction, and from The Shawshank Redemption to Toy Story, there’s a film out there for every man and a story out there that resonates with you. That’s why a home cinema man cave is usually near the top of any man cave list. We can’t help it!

It’s fairly obvious, that to create a brilliant home cinema, you’re going to need a high quality TV or projector screen, sound system and comfy sofa or multiple seats depending on how much space you have. However, if you want to go all out then it’s about the small details, like a popcorn machine, smart lights that can be dimmed on demand and classic movie posters of all your favourites. Slowly but surely you’ll build the best cinema in town.

Three: Bar Man Cave

bar man cave

Show us a man who hasn’t, at one point in his life, wanted a man cave bar and we’ll show you a God damned liar!

Wanting your own bar or pub isn’t an antisocial thing, there’s still plenty of occasions when a trip to the local is exactly what’s needed, it’s simply a classic man cave desire. A little hideaway drinking hole. A place you can retreat to for a nice quiet pint after a hard day but also a place you can invite friends and family to, if it’s big enough, for special occasions and big sporting events.

The ideal man cave bar really is in the eye of the beholder but we think it’s fair to say you’ll want a great fridge, for beer, mixers and anything else that needs cooled, some comfy seats and a good TV or music setup for entertainment. After that it’s how far your imagination and budget will take you. You could add a real bar, bar stools, beer pumps, spirit optics, beer mats, personal touches and the list goes on and on. Welcome to the man cave rabbit hole…

Four: Golfer’s Paradise Man Cave

golf man cave

As any golfer will know, the gentleman’s game is the definition of a love/hate relationship but we’ll never walk away from those freshly cut fairways, marble top greens and the thousands of inevitable fluffed shots.

We also know that a dedicated golfer’s paradise man cave is the way to go if you love nothing more than lying back and catching up with the big guns on tour. If you’re anything like us, our year is dominated by the four Majors, and that means your man cave is going to need a brilliant TV setup. Make sure to set aside some space for your clubs, add some classic golf memorabilia to give the space that clubhouse feel and most importantly, add as much as you can to your man cave bar for the essential 19th hole!

Five: Gamer Room Man Cave

gamer man cave

Here at A Man’s Room we’ve already admitted that we’re huge Fallout fans but it doesn’t stop there. We absolutely love modern day classics like The Last of Us and Red Dead Redemption as well as the simple pleasure of a quick FIFA or Madden session and a gamer room man cave is right at the top of our list of favourite man cave themes!

When designing your gamer man cave you’ll want to focus all of your efforts on your console/PC setup and the chair or sofa you’ll be camping in for hours on end. The next stage is defined by how far you want to go. As Playstation fanboys we’ve always loved the idea of having each generation side by side, plugged in and ready to go with a library of games on tap, but that’s just us…

Add some classic gaming poster artwork, a few Pop Vinyls or display pieces and you are good to go!

Six: Cabin Man Cave

We don’t know why, it might relate back to our simple hunter-gatherer beginnings, but we have always loved log cabins, rustic hideaways and any man cave that achieves a similar look and feel.

Obviously every man cave is defined by the size of the room available and your budget but with some inspiration and planning you can get close to any theme or style you want. With the cabin man cave theme you’ll want to focus on dark wood furniture, antique style lamps and some classic pattern throws and pillows. Depending on how far you want to push things you could add some retro or antique decorations and some stuffed animals…

Just don’t blame us if your partner moves out!

Seven: Gentleman’s Retreat Man Cave

The Gentleman’s retreat man cave is simply an evolution through time following on from the cabin man cave.

Listen, we know you’re not a gentleman. You’re an uncivilised animal but this is your man cave and when that door closes, and you leave the world outside, you can be anything you want. With that being said every gentleman requires some essentials including a sturdy office desk, for all that serious work you do, a boutique bar filled mostly with spirits strong enough to kill small animals and some serious art work.

Think like Don Draper and you should be fine.

Eight: Petrol Head Man Cave

What would Jezza do?

Listen we’re not generalizing and saying all petrol heads are Jeremy Clarkson fans (or Top Gear, or The Grand Tour…) but he’s definitely a decent starting point when considering how to create the perfect petrol head man cave simply because he’s obsessed with anything sporting four wheels.

Ideally this man cave would be in your garage with space to pull your own car, or side project, in and tinker away but we also know it might be a small spare room or converted attic. Either way you’ll want a nice big TV to watch F1, rallying or whatever variation you call your own, a beer fridge, maybe a classic model car (one of your favourites) and some vintage racing posters to give it a nice mature finish.

Nine: Retro Arcade Man Cave

Everyone, at some point or another, remembers running into an old retro arcade room with a pocketful of change and a world of possibilities. Street Fighter was our game of choice back then but you might be a Pacman, Space Invaders or House of the Dead man, never mind all the rest out there!

To get that classic retro arcade feel, depending on if you can source or afford a few machines, you’ll want lights that dim way down low and a good sound system that can pump out classic soundtracks until your head is spinning!

Ten: The Office Man Cave

We know the Office man cave is never going to get your blood pumping or passions stirred but we also know that sometimes, as men, we have to be practical even when we don’t want to be. It’s also true that if you’ve got a big enough room your office might simply be one corner of your man cave.

Either way, first things first you’ll want a solid desk and comfortable chair for those long hours of grinding away. You’ll also need a nice tidy desk lamp, some high quality stationary and one or two gadgets to distract you during those brief moments of procrastination…

Oh, and you’ll need some good storage and filing or else your man cave is going to turn into a mountain of rubbish in no time!

Eleven: The Budget Man Cave

Look, there’s no getting around the fact that a man cave is a luxury. As hard as it is to admit it, man caves are not essential to everyday life. There, we’ve said it! Are you happy now?

Seriously though, if you’re on a budget don’t fret. A budget man cave is well within your reach, all you need is a room or corner of your house to call your own that won’t be disturbed my meddling roommates or family. Start small and add one or two smaller items that won’t break the bank but will help make this room feel like yours.

Our advice is go small to start, make do with what you have for now and then worry about the essentials when you’ve saved up the money or are in a better position to do so. Easy!

Twelve: The Record Shop Man Cave

The modern 21st century world is full of wonder and technological advances we just couldn’t live with out but honestly, sometimes we still yearn for those bygone days of analogue and vinyl.

Record shops still exist, thankfully, but who knows what the future will bring and dedicating your man cave to those shops filled with B-sides, imports and a whole lot of promise is as noble a cause as we know. It’s pretty obvious but you’re going to want a great record player and sound system, some classic music artwork for the walls and a whole lot of brilliant records in an easy to access and browse filing or shelving system.

Thirteen: Music Studio Man Cave

Not all of us are graced with musical talent but if you’re lucky enough to be able to summon a tune from 6 strings, bang out a rhythm on the drums or have a lilt that would bring a tear to a glass eye, chances are you want a music studio man cave.

Now don’t run away in fear just yet! We’re not talking about turning your man cave into something Rick Rubin would be proud of (we wish!) but simply creating a space where you can make as much noise…music as you want. To do this you’ll want some classic music artwork around you, for inspirational purposes, a sofa bed for those late night sessions and last but not least, some recording equipment to have fun with.

We would suggest instruments as well but if you don’t have one by now, why are you still reading?

Fourteen: Gentleman’s Library Man Cave

We think every man cave should have a library, even if it’s just one or two shelves, but if you’re a voracious reader then you might want to take things further and dedicate your entire man cave to your literary passions.

Obviously your personal library of books will always be the dominant feature in a man cave like this but you could also add a personal touch with artwork inspired by your favourite stories. Sturdy shelving units and reliable bookends are also a regular addition to a library man cave. After your books have been taken care of it’s time to take care of yourself and get a chair or sofa that you’ll be happy to retire to for hours of uninterrupted reading.

Fifteen: The Beer Lover’s Man Cave

There is absolutely no doubt that here at A Man’s Room we’re massive beer fans. Don’t get us wrong, we love a classic pint of lager down the local but sometimes, and especially at home, we want something a little different. That’s where hoppy IPAs, tangy sour beers, cloudy wheat brews and dark, intense stouts come in to play…

If this sounds anything like you then you might be tempted to create the beer lover’s man cave, a space dedicated to the nectar of the God’s. Here you’ll want a fridge that can cope with the sheer quantity of your beer hauls or, at the very least, some storage for beers before they go into the fridge to get chilled. Throw in some classic pub posters, beer mats and a few craft brewery glasses and you’re not far off. We also really like these beer bottle cap holder maps.

Sixteen: Pool Hall Man Cave

Remember those days where you could waste entire Saturday afternoons, or hours after school, in the local dark smoky pool hall? Attendance numbers always skyrocketed during the Snooker World Championships for some reason…

Those might be bygone days but, if you have the space you can still recreate that feeling in your pool hall man cave, minus the shifty looking lads and clouds of smoke obviously. Depending on budget, space and preference you’ll either go for a full sized snooker table in all its glory or a smaller, more manageable pool table. Add in a jukebox, or sound system, a mini bar and some snacks and you’re good to go. Just be prepared to lose many hours to the green felt.

Seventeen: Sports Bar Man Cave

Some men are massive football fans, others worship only at the altar of golf but the majority, love so many sports that it’s hard to choose which is more important than the other.

These men follow the football, the rugby, each Major, Grand Slam and big fight and they are in desperate need of a sports bar man cave to be proud of. We know that such a dedication to sport can lead to problems with family or partners but all of that disappears when you’ve got a space to call your own and use as and when you see fit during the annual sporting calendar.

As with other similar man caves the priority here is the TV and sofa setup. After that it’s all about the extras that will make it truly comfortable. Throw in a beer fridge that can cope with your demands, snack storage, some throws and cushions for naps between games and finally some sporting memorabilia to be proud of. Easy!

Eighteen: Irish Pub Man Cave

The Irish pub isn’t a stereotype, far from it! Visit towns and villages in rural Ireland and you’ll still stumble across Irish pubs that tick every box in the right way. If you want something similar just a few feet away at any time then aim to make the room as dark, cosy and warm as possible.

Take a look at any Irish pub and you’ll notice that they are almost always devoid of the colour green. Instead, dark wood furniture dominates as does anything antique in nature. Add some classic Guinness posters from the 1960s onwards, alongside a heady supply of the famous stout, and you’ve got yourself a tidy little Irish pub man cave to call your own.

Nineteen: Geek Heaven Man Cave

Much like the sports bar man cave, this iteration is for those of us whose geeky passions and hobbies expand, twist and turn into all corners of pop culture and fandom. Honestly, why limit yourself?

The geek heaven man cave is a space where anything goes so you might want a gaming station, PC or console depending on your path in life, a fantasy library, wall art references of your favourite movies or TV series, a model display case and more.

It’s hard to pin things down more than that but we say go wild. Whatever you’re dreaming up just do it!

Twenty: The Classic Man Cave

This might seem like a strange suggestion but, at A Man’s Room, we still hold the classic man cave dear in our battered, tired hearts.

What is a classic man cave, we hear you cry? Well it’s that spare room you’ve only half heartedly converted, that dirty garage with a lone sofa in it and the attic that’s been half finished for 3 years now. It’s every man cave out there that’s no where near reaching full potential and the reason we’ve listed it is because we want to inspire you to take action!

Clean it up, work on those repairs and create a space you can be proud of and call your own! Honestly, you won’t regret it!

Twenty-One: Cyclists Cabin Man Cave

The post-London 2012 Olympics cycling world is very different to what went before. You might be part of the old guard that’s always preferred the celebration of two wheels but for the mainstream the sport has experienced a massive resurgence in the past few years.

Either way, if you want to create a man cave that celebrates everything from the Tour de France to a simple Sunday cycle then keep reading. You might have noticed that coffee shops and cycling now, in some cases, go hand-in-hand and this is where we take our inspiration from. Create a space that’s welcoming after a hard cycle whilst also paying homage to classic designs, old conquests and heroes of the cycling world.

We also think it’s a must have … in a cyclists cabin man cave.

Twenty-Two: Garage Man Cave

Turning a garage into a man cave is a classic conversion that’s been replicated up and down the land and with that we had to include it in this list. If spare rooms and attic spaces are at a minimum men invariably turn to the garage and why not? This classic space is full of potential and the rest of the family generally steer clear, which is always a bonus!

If you’re considering a garage man cave then check out our guide that takes you through the process from insulation to essentials and everything in between. Make sure to stock up on some good storage facilities and properly finish the main elements (floor, walls, heat and light) before moving on to the fun stuff!

Twenty-Three: Wine Cellar Man Cave

At A Man’s Room we’re primarily beer drinkers but there’s no doubt that a good red or white wine is hard to top and certain occasions call for something a little more civilized than a lager.

Now even if you are planning to create your own personal wine cellar man cave chances are you’ll still want some space to relax in. With that in mind you’ll need to invest wisely in some quality wine storage. After that we recommend some quality drinking vessels, a map to mark off your tasting exploits and some extremely comfortable furniture for those nights when one bottle turns into two, three, four…

Twenty-Four: Natural Man Cave

The natural man cave is purpose built for men reluctant to step too far away from fresh air, greenery and the great outdoors. Here you’ll want to create a space that celebrates the natural elements of life so think about exposed brickwork, wooden beams and plenty of foliage.

Depending on the room, and availability, you’ll also want to take advantage of any natural light on offer but if your new man cave is in a deep, dark corner then focus on some wall art or photography of your favourite spaces worldwide. 

Twenty-Five: Minimal Man Cave

At the heart of it all us men are simple, easy to please creatures and a minimal man cave might be the best way to end this definitive list of options, themes and styles.

If you’re a man who doesn’t like fuss and clutter then focus only on the absolute essentials. As always the essentials will change slightly depending on what you want but you probably won’t go wrong with a great Smart TV, comfortable sofa and one or two pieces of tasteful wall art to keep things interesting.

We could go on! Like every man, ever man cave is different and unique to the passions and hobbies of its owner. You could easily combine ideas and themes or, if you’re lucky enough to have a huge space to play with, dedicate different sections of your man cave to your various different interests.

Now, go forth you happy-go-lucky man cave dweller and build something that makes every God damned one of us proud to welcome you into this most special of clubs!

Good luck and God speed!

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